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Blender Today is ogre.
Fucking bummer because I enjoyed that show

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Still looking for rigged mannequins I can use to pose and display people to then use as templates to draw over.
1. where can I get a good asset for blender that is already rigged and allows me to put them into any number of positions?
2. Should I draw in blender or just stick with krita?
3. No I am not looking for plugins like MLab or something to create photorealistic models, just a single asset with roughly correct proportions i can download and put into blender

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Just learn to draw tracing nigger

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I literally want to create images to trace you retard.

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Took me like 2 minutes

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So Blender hired this week the Cuban that made the Dyntopo mode 200 years ago to work in the sculpt mode and the mac version, he has worked on 3d coat and Zbrush too, Farsthary.

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Holy fuck that's great news

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This is huge

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More news after the sculpt meeting on Tuesday :^) , maybe tomorrow in Blender today too.

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The day Anon discovers timezones

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It's great news for those who care about sculping in Blender. For those 5 people.

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Yes, and?

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Nothing. I'm sure >>939000 is going to benefit from it greatly. And that's a good thing.

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But most importantly, if the guy expands the scope and use of Dyntopo, it's not like you're going to complain because it's not ALL QUADS? Are you?

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ahh i remember that guy

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you should just make one yourself using subsurfed cubes and the rigify basic human template, but some twitter grifter's been peddling a premade one lately; here's a copy from cgpersia: https://files.catbox.moe/kog7zi.zip

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Is the new Beta stable enough?

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No, crashed 4 times today while making hair cards, going back to an stable version

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What does this mean. I just went from 3.4 to 4.0 by the way. Losing my shit over here

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You're trying to use a lazily maintained addon that got updated last almost two years ago and a lot has changed under the hood of Blender with version 4.0.
If you want to keep using it you need to keep using your old version of Blender or get someone to fix its incompatibility with 4.x for you.

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Yeah, I just downloaded 3.6.8 and the addon works like it used to. thanks

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Hey no prob

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Is there a way to change which direction Blender thinks is the front? I want it to be positive X because it makes the most sense.

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A took a quick look, but nah, I don't think so.
Personally, don't think +X being the front makes any kind of sense at all. +Y is forward, -Y is back. It'll save you a fuckload of troubleshooting down the line when you start fucking around with objects on paths.

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starting to sculpt within blender, but I'm wondering if there's another piece of software similar to these videos that allows me to use booleans to carve out shapes using another shape, and sort of 'stamp' shapes down
I know you can use booleans and metaballs in blender, but it's not quite as fast as this
also, the way you can get a basic form, stretch it out and curve it very quickly is pretty appealing, but the piece of shit is annoyingly limited to the PS4



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actually ignore that, looks Substance 3D Modeler is what I'm looking for. oddly enough I never ever see anyone discussing this here


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all that is based on signed distant fields, you have a fuckton of programs, a paid addon and a couple of nodes in blender, experimental

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>I never ever see anyone discussing this here
Boy, I wonder why.

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We have a thread here >>972553

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>blogpost on animation 2025
>big design info dump in the repo
>quickly becomes obvious they're going to dick around reinventing the wheel for 2 years instead of just making the NLA a linkable datablock and fixing the pose breakdown tool to work with "combine" strips

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Looked more like a 3d printing thread, going by the OP image. Figured the "smoothing" was more about smoothing Resin/PLA prints, rather than making smooth CG objects.

NOOOO you're supposed to look at the pretty graphics, not want actual feature improvements to dead aspects of the software

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Hey dudes, I'm doing something retarded and I'm trying to "convert" (using that term very loosely) some Adobe Camera Raw presets to Blender's compositor.
90% of it is pretty self explanatory and have a parallel, RGB curves to RGB Curves node, HSL Mixer to the Hue Correct node, that's like most of the heavy lifting.
Whether or not the numbers match up is another story. The story is, that they don't.

Pic related though are two sections that I can't really find a good parallel for.
Notably the "Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks" in the basic, and all the sliders in the "Calibration" section.
For the first few, I thought the "Color Correction" node would be the analog, but I don't think so now, as it doesn't really do the same thing at all. I've tried searching it up to see if anyone has tried it, but all I get are PS tutorials by Indians and stuff.
For the second one with the RGB primaries, I don't think there's a node that handles it, but I think I can pull something by separating the RGB, and adjusting that way.

I guess if the math is available for the highlights/shadows stuff, I might be able to hack something together though if there's not a node that does that.

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Alright, a little progress on this, but somehow I've dug myself into a hole. The biggest factor in how the CR presets look is down to the RGB curves (what a surprise). Meaning all the extra shit is pretty much a non issue.
Apparently curve adjusters aren't built equal, though, even when you use the exact same settings/curves.

Pic related is a comparison between Adobe Camera Raw's curves (which I'm trying to "port" over to Blender's), Photoshop's curves adjustment layer, and finally, Blender's RGB curves. All three are the same image, sRGB with no transforms.
As you can see, they're all different. Even within Photoshop their own curve adjusters are completely different in both CR and the adj. layer. As you can see, the curves are the exact same, and the histograms (between CR and PS) are pretty similar.

What I don't fucking get, is why the fuck Blender is so different. It's a fucking mystery that I have no clue how to solve. It's as if its curves act fundamentally different to how it works in literally everything else. I've found a few posts online of people saying the same thing, but all the replies are essentially "no u".

Anyone know what the fuck is going on here? Like at worse, I had expected it to look like PS's curves, "close but not quite there". Not what I'm seeing now.

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And yes, I've tried using the standard and filmic settings on Blender's RGB curves (filmic looks like shit in this case). I also converted PS's curve values by dividing them by 255, to fit into Blender's retarded 0-1 value system for the curves.
If I figure this shit out, it shouldn't be too hard to write some script or something to import the presets into Blender's compositor. I've got a fuckload of VSCO presets that'd be nifty to just drag in via the asset browser.

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tried making a curved border around this organic looking shape but can't figure out a proper way of doing it
my method for this was:
>set cursor to point on mesh
>create plane
>merge verts into a single vertice
>turn on face snapping
>extrude vertice all around the object
>convert to curve
>add depth
>convert back to mesh
feels like a pretty retarded and needlessly complex way of doing something so simple

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Imagine sculpting in Blender before remeshing was added

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Do you think that we will have this https://projects.blender.org/blender/blender/pulls/113270 before the end of the year? it is the last core shit I'm waitting for.
Cris, Blender used to have better performance before the 2.8 and the new viewport.

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never mind, got it
>select edges
>separate by selection
>convert to curve
>add depth
>convert back to mesh
works perfectly. also give me one reason why I shouldn't model everything using subdivision surface and the cage option
the topology is always seemingly perfect and I have no intention to rig, animate or do anything to it outside of blender, and texturing will be a piece of piss since I'll be using a procedural clay shader

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I don't know how i fell into this, i saw this stuff being handed around in parties, i thought it was some harmless thing like Xanax or PCP, but it was worse, far worse, this man Andrew gave me a taste, but despite looking like an ordinary torus shaped pastry, it took over my life, i got hooked... started selling feet pics to be able to afford a dose...

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Does anyone know how to achieve this effect but with my character's skin instead of a balloon? Basically I want the skin to deform when interacting with another object.

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is it true they're gonna put in something akin to zremesher/dynamesh? not that I mind reupping quad remesh with a fake email every 30 days but would be nice.

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Truly the genre defining masterwork of donutvania games.

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Where did you hear that? That would be wonderful.
The abysmal quadriflow remesher is still in, I think, but it can't even handle symmetry

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soft body simulation/cloth simulation with internal springs
use a lower res mesh for the simulation and mesh deform / surface deform on modifier on the mesh that should have the effect.
shrinkwrap (project) and corrective smooth (bind) also works
Neither are a perfect solution, in theory someone could figure something out with geometry nodes

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>use a lower res mesh for the simulation and mesh deform / surface deform on modifier on the mesh that should have the effect.
>shrinkwrap (project) and corrective smooth (bind) also works
thanks for the answer. Could you elaborate on those two methods? Which modifiers do I have to put on my character and which on the object that interacts with it? I'm a noob when it comes to character animation with rigs

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Got a specific simple task Ive gotta do, but no idea how to do it in "the best" way. There is 2 identical objects, but they have different location and rotation, already applied. I need for the second boject to match these of the first object, what do? IVe tried shrinkwrap, but it tends to fuck up internal geo. And it has internal geo. No, its not high poly modeled vagina.

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If they are identical, what property of the duplicate object would you lose by just creating a copy of the object which is in the correct orientation already?
If there are some modifiers or animation keys you don't want to lose, you could copy the in-position object, then ctrl+j that copy to the duplicate object, then delete all the vertices except the ones you just joined.

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What's the fucking point when AI can do all of this shit. It's over.

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One object is a "combination" of a few different objects, the other has 1 material, with new UVs

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I'm sure a blender expert knows some more correct way, but here are my thoughts.

You can get it in the correct position by picking a recognizable vertex, selecting all the verts with that vertex active (by deselecting+reselecting it or w/e) and than enabling snap to vertex with Snap With set to Active.
Then you can snap the 3d cursor to that vertex, set the 3d cursor as the pivot, and rotate it to the correct orientation (almost) with regular and trackball rotation.
Once it's close enough, maybe your shrinkwrap will work okay.

You could also figure it out mathematically/write a script, but that seems unnecessarily complex.
As an example, once you have the translation correct using your first reference vert, you can pick another vertex and figure out how to rotate so that it would be in the correct position. Then you have two fixed points which define a line of rotation. You can pick a third reference point and rotate around that line to get the final exact orientation.

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Yeah, thats pretty much what Ive been doing, hope there is some better way. Thanks anyway, gues I just gotta grind

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might be able to do something fancy with the data transfer modifier if you just need the uvs

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Isnt it usually need objects to be in same-ish position?

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I tried this with a couple of suzannes and it worked despite different orientations and locations

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Might as well off yourself if you're so scared of AI and can't think of a good reason why people who like making things are making things.
Frozen pizzas made by machines in a factory didn't make pizza places that make it from scratch obsolete.

You're just looking for an excuse to quit because you never actually did shit in the first place. You were always mediocre, but you'll blame AI as an easy scapegoat as to why you could never "make it".

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>Blender used to have better performance before the 2.8 and the new viewport.
Objectively untrue.
Blender's performance went to shit for a short while when 2.8 happened but since then they rebounded and it's WAY faster now.

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that's awesome

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security cam footage from the Blender Headquarters

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I fucking hate using curves so much. Cant think of any other ways to achieve this shape though

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needs the audio

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How do I transfer the weights for only specific parts of my mesh? The hands for my two rigs don't line up but everything else does.

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use the vertex group field at the top of the data transfer modifier as a mask, and apply the modifier?

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How useful is boxcutter? should I pick it up while it's on sale?

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Isn't that one of the ones you can pick up on github for free? There's quite a few paid addons that just have their source code available if you can manage to find it.

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I like scrolling through the screenshot/art section on blenders steam hub and seeing obviously ai generated images being passed off as stuff made in blender. what's more funny is their comment sections full of people falling for it.

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to make humanoid figures, sculpting or poly modeling for a newbie? not necessarily interested much in which one would be easier, but which one would benefit me more in the long term to git gud at.

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>humanoid figures
for humanoids and organic characters in general people usually sculpt and then retopo, if you do low poly or anime characters box modeling could be faster maybe and it could help you with non organic models too.