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Let's be real here, guys. Is anatomy actually important?

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>I don't want to learn anatomy to make futa grills so please 4chan let me know I'm on the right path.

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First form and shape
second anatomy

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Studying anatomy is not important, if you can't sculpt and just tell what looks right or wrong by looking at it you should probably try a different hobby, maybe like dnd or other tabletop games? Trying to get into arts without an artistic eye leads to a lot of frustration and hours wasted doing "studies"

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Knowing anatomy can enable you to get better results with less or less quality reference images.
You also can get faster results because you don't have to line up your model with the reference as often.
But learning anatomy before being able to sculpt is pure autism.

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learning anatomy comes naturally to you when you start wondering why is there always something off in your models/animations

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Wow! Im so pleased to see someone other than me saying this