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Is it possible/viable to model and sculpt human characters with mouse and keyboard?

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With the correct workflow, yes.

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Given that people will poly model entire characters using just Maya and maybe some texturing software, yes.

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For sculpting I consider mouse and tablet interchangeable both have advantages and disadvantages there.
Tablets have better long stroke precision and pressure sensitivity going for it, mouse has better pixel accurate precision while dragging things around with grab tools.
Grab tools is my preffered way of shaping and manipulating surfaces so you tell me to sculpt with a mouse only I don't feel limited as it'd be my mainstay anyways.

for modelling I consider mouse extremely advantageous, I've never had the thought occur in my head to use the tablet for modelling (I'm a max guy).
Only place I use tablets exclusively is if I'm sitting down to draw or doing digital painting type tasks, day to day image editing of textures and photobashing etc I
typically end up using mouse only because I'm too lazy to pick up the tablet even if it would be better for certain manipulations.

Pic related is something I posted here few years ago when I was trying out blenders sculpting tools away from my may comp where I didn't have a tablet on hand, so mouse only.

Digital artists painted using shitty ball mouses for decades before tablets was a widespread thing and did amazing work, it's perfectly possible to become proficient enough to even draw and write clean handwriting dragging a mouse. If a mouse is all you have it's a perfectly viable tool anon. Lot of people do prefer tablets ofc but they're not a requirement.

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Another way to look at it is that tablets shine when you're doing commitment strokes because the biomechanics of dragging a tin tip trailing behind your
hand is more stable than dragging a round a sensor located somewhere underneath your palm when you move a heavier and higher friction mouse.

But when you're doing task such as grabbing and dragging something into place you benefit from the sensor on a modern day gaming mouse having much higher resolution
than a tablet in terms of how fine movements it can register. The additional mass and friction of the mouse also makes the operation more stable
as you will stay exactly where you want without any tendency to jitter about from any input latency or lack of sensor resolution on a tablet surface.

The mechanics of holding and releasing a 'click to drag' is also less prone to cause any input error from lifting off and moving as you tend to do
from time to time with a pressure sensitive tablet that also has a lot higher latency than a good mouse.