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In this general we talk about non realistic rendering techniques.

This one uses low poly + flat colors, easy and cheap.

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looks like shit

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looks really good
are you sure you are not looking at the mirror?

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begone crab

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Haha, le eric barone and le peter molyneux, amirite my fellow aggy daggys?

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you damn right

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and Dishonored
and Xenoblade Chronicles
and Okami
and Breath of the Wild
and Disco Elysium
and Spyro
and Hades
and Guilty Gear
and Jet Set Radio
and Persona 5
and all nintendo titles?
sorry realism anons, your stupid style does not stand the test to time

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low poly + flat colors its amazing
I love Hades style

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the only thing that is shit here is your taste

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not really, its hard to make look good, and even harder to make distinct
theres a lot stuff of that SYNTY style and it all looks bad and blends together

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>and Xenoblade Chronicles
Pretty sure XC was realistic looking, or at least tried to be. Granted, I only played XC on the Wii, but it definitely wasn't stylized. Not enough to call it "NPR".
Can't speak for the newer titles, but I can't imagine things being that different.

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They should change the color of the light coming through the windows.

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That one is super fucking cool

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Whatever that game is or is going to be, I hope it has more to offer than 'Zelda but with a quirky artstyle' for the devs sake IF they're bothered about how many eyes it gets on it - which is something most humans naturally want

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Games from the 90's look better than this. This kind of flat aesthetic isn't nice to look at as a player. Even Minecraft has textures and lighting. This is just a bunch of flat colored shapes.

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Looks like Bubsy 3D, op.

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>This kind of flat aesthetic isn't nice to look at as a player.
I love this kind of game, maybe if you don't like npr or stylized games you should make a thread about hyperealism in videogames

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Love the moebius style surrealism on that one

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What's the game's name?

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The Dark Thicket.

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Nice, it's still in development? Are you one of the developers?
Looks great

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Aparently yes. Someone posted about its art style on >>>/agdg/ and I made this thread to get more resources on non-realistic rendering.

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Im going to buy it when its finished, I like super stilyzed shit like that
>I made this thread to get more resources on non-realistic rendering.
Its a shame that anons here dont care about this style.

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I Love it

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Any links for some low-res textures? No not pixel shit, just low res. Already went through:
but there's only a really small amount of textures that isn't either pseudo pixel, or highres shit.
>draw it yourself
I wouldn't be doing 3D if I could draw ;_;

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uhhh... have you considered reducing the resolution of some high resolution textures?
I'm pretty sure this is a solved problem anon

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You can downscale royalty free images or you can project the images on your model with a low texture resolution and overpaint, that's how was done a long time ago and it still works perfectly.

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I'm a fan of isometric graphics. But a lot of what makes isometric stuff look so good, is the uniformity of the pixels. When pixel art is textured onto 3D planes, then it's difficult to maintain the uniformity. everything begins to look gritty and messy. For that reason, I'm not a fan of this style where you have a faux pixel art look.

You should keep the isometric view, but just clean up the textures using a higher resolution, eliminating the pixelization. You could also take advantage of other features that 3D provides. Like Alphas, so your foliage can be varied and layered. And dynamic lighting. Do you know how much every pixel artists wishes they could drop lights in their scene? With 3D, you can do that. So why settle for the flat no-shadow look?

I do appreciate the good economical ways of drawing graphics that pixel art teaches. But there is such a thing as being too economical. Where it becomes counterproductive.

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Yeah what you said makes a lot of sense. Especially after having watched these Godot pixel art shader vids with nice foliage. I should experiment with new styles.
What do you think about using pixel art textures on higher resolution viewports like in pic related? does it mitigate the gritty and messy look?

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Is this really considered low-poly?

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I don't know what you mean by higher resolution viewports. The image looks like a fairly neat experimentation. But imagining it as a video game, I wouldn't be able to stomach looking at this. If I saw this on the steam store, I'd pass on it, on style alone. Granted, a lot of others enjoy this style. I'm just not one of them. The character and castle are the better looking parts. Obviously, the sky is not fitting in with the rest, due to the big blocky pixels, so different in comparison to the relatively smaller pixels.

I think everything would look better, if you just took the color palette you have(same way of color picking as if you were drawing sprites), and repainted it all to get rid of the pixelization. Think about Wind Waker. Wind Waker is a simplistic art style that we would consider "low poly" by today's standards. The textures are simple too, but not pixelated. Just using a few colors per texture, in a chunky painterly kind of way.

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No, but I didn't say that it was
I was referring about OPs gif.

Then I said that I love Hades style, remember that this is not a thread about low poly, it's about npr

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This looks so nice, it's a dittering shader no?

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So, for instance, you think it looks better when I zoom out and we can't see the pixels anymore?

Thanks, yeah I used a simple dithering shader on top of the textures, this german explains it :
But then i modified it so it looks square and not round

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>So, for instance, you think it looks better when I zoom out and we can't see the pixels anymore?
More or less, yeah. the smaller pixels reduce some of the issues. But it's still too grainy for my liking. And not like a pleasant kind of grain. Some grains are fine. Like the grain of a paper or canvas. But this jaggy dithered aliased pixel grain is not fine, in my humble opinion.

If you want to be make your work look cute and coquette, then why not find a proper hatching shader instead? I don't know, something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=2ZR5XIjBmho
(Just grabbing the first thing off google) That looks pretty good. Maybe you want to shop around to see which one suits you. But some artistic looking hatching will make it looks like she's in a fairy tale.

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I don't know I like that style on the croquette render, but maybe he can try if your idea looks good

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Don't do this>>973896
, your art direction is good. One thing, you should make the wallpaper bigger, the small pattern is hard to the eyes