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Why isn't Blender industry standard yet?

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Blender project can't afford to moneyhat studios and colleges.

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lack of focus + retards in charge

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Because it isn't the best in any discipline.
The industry uses whatever tool available that gives them an edge over the competition, using Blender does not give any advantage over any other tool.
It is used in the industry, but it doesn't has an effect on the industry. If Blender would be gone tomorrow, the industry would just keep moving along as if nothing has happened.
This wont change until the BF starts to actually innovate and create something that gives Blender an edge over the other DCC's.

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>This wont change until the BF starts to actually innovate and create something that gives Blender an edge over the other DCC's.

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>yet another overhyped gimmick from the Dutch niggers at the Blender™ Foundation
AgX is just a generic log-curve ocio config, genius. You can literally copy it to any other dcc as is and it will work the same. You're supposed to, that's literally the reason why it exists, so that you have color parity in every software.
The only thing that makes it Blender-specific is that the names of the color lookups are filled with reddit buzzwords.
This ain't it, chief.

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>You can literally copy it to any other dcc as is
Not so fast. Your rendering app within the dcc has to support ocio v2, which prman does not.

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nope, AgX is formatted for ocio 1.0. It has to, what ocio 2.0 has over 1.0 is built in aces transforms. AgX obviously isn't aces nor piggybacks off it, so it's just a ocio 1.0 config.

It's also not true that you can just drop AgX anywhere and expect it to work, because the geniuses behind it apparently decided to take a standardized format designed for interoperability, and in typical Blender homo fashion throw standards and conventions completely out the window just for the sake of calling their shit buzzwords like "punchy" and "reddit filmic very high homosexuality" and actually did also add Blender and/or Cycles specific references which at best are ignored by your app/render engine and at worst make the config unusable without manually going in and removing the Blender cancer.
Imagine taking something that was made with the specific purpose of promoting ease of use between softwares and just, do the opposite. And then keep claiming that you're gonna replace everything in the industry, lmao.

Blendlets just can't help but keep taking gigantic Ls, hilarious.
I feel bad for you though, it's the grifting devs running the bullshit hype machine that set you up to make clowns of yourselves wherever you go.

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>nope, AgX is formatted for ocio 1.0. It has to, what ocio 2.0 has over 1.0 is built in aces transforms. AgX obviously isn't aces nor piggybacks off it, so it's just a ocio 1.0 config.

its an ocio 2 config. Open the file in a text editor like I have and use your EYES man. The functions in this file have no OCIO v1 equivalent.

You don't know what you're talking about man

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Even "original AgX" from the pic rel on github by Troy S uses Ocio V2.

What the hell are you talking about again dude?

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Don't get invested in this, it's the same retard in every thread trying to annoy people, he's got nothing to add to the discussion.

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>use your eyes
I am. It seems you aren't, though. It literally says it right there, line 3, it uses built in transforms for acescg.

All the AgX spaces are file transforms instead, aka like it was in ocio 1.0 for acescg as well. It picks them from files in the "lut" folder that comes with the config.
If you read further than line 16, you'd also see that.

If you had any actual knowledge of this instead of just what the blender foundation and andrew price spoonfeed you, you'd realize it's literally just a 1.0 config with a "2.0" scribbled in permanent marker on the side.

Just take the L, man.

cry homo

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No, it uses ocio v2 functions for agx functions further down the file. You dont know what the hell you are talking about so just stop posting

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>posts literal proof of agx loading in 1.0
>n-no, you don't understand!
niggers tongue my anus

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you don't know what the hell you are doing

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did you manage to say that without crying this time?

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you pixar guys are the absolute worst

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>take the L
Opinion discarded, you're not human and have no right to talk.
Kill yourself.

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>using 18.5 when 20 exists that has native OCIO 2.0.

What is wrong with you.

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Why does this discourse even matter when CG is in the process of being automated?
>It wont take even a year until you will be able to prompt high quality, fulled rigged models
>It wont take even 3 years until you are able to prompt movies/games
We are heading towards the glorious AI future. Even the EU watered down their regulations.

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AI still cant draw hands. It's going to be a long, long time before its able to generate decent-looking models, and even longer for those models to not be an absolute clusterfuck nightmare in terms of geometry.

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yeah, no point in doing anything right now if ai is just going to get better at it. why even live right now if ai can live better than you?

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>>It wont take even 3 years until you are able to prompt movies/games
yeah, a game that has no violence or sex in it as well as nothing deemed "wrongthink"

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same goes for movies, in fact, it goes doubly for them

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it already is. It's used by several studios in game development and in key roles in movie productions.

It's already definite that you can get most jobs working in blender. So why even care about what the standard is

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Name them (i'll wait)

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Pure fax right here. There is literally no point in learning CG unless you TRULY love it and dont care that you dont make money from it and a machine can do it better plus much faster.
Can some blue collar skills.
>t. works for an AI company

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your ai is going to be incredibly neutered and remove all violence, sex, and copyrighted material.


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>copyrighted material
Lol. That concept doesnt matter, to machine learning. They can scrap anything they want even the data of children.

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all advanced ai is going the way of adobe, openai, turbosquid, dallE, - NOT stable diffusion. Stable diffusion was a once in a lifetime mistake

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>It's used by several studios in game development
yeah it's used for rough modelling or animation, but in the end it still has to go through the industry standard software because most of the times Blender exports an abomination that needs to be fixed to work properly

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>Animating in blender

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fraternization and fraud

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The devs keep wasting time on nonsense like gizmos and grease pencil

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because of proprietary software

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it already is

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It's not a master of any particular area in the pipeline. There's far more sophisticated and advanced tools that Blender can't come close to. The industry doesn't give a shit about free software, they have plenty of money.

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dalle3 isn't open source. chatgpt isn't open source. 11labs isn't open source. all gimped and unable to be used for "problematic" purposes (stuff that will harm the bottom-line).
all the best of the best ai for creative purposes are mostly closed and behind paid services. the free release of stable diffusion was mostly a business/marketing play that may or may not have payed off.
it might be worth many billions of dollars now if it were still closed source, but it might not have grown so much if it weren't free.
giant companies will always have the advantage in this arms race. there's just too much data, computing power, and expertise you need to wrangle to advance in the field.

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I don't think everyone is gonna rip out all the cogs of their already disciplined on a specific workflow that puts out good results because they wanna sock it to the big man with some foss that might be able to do the same job but at the cost of everyone having to relearn it and also throw out what they know and have had experience with for years to do so.

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this guy knows

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You're uneducated. Llama released for the LLM world and local LLMs are great. There's nothing unique about stable diffusion.

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>Why isn't Blender industry standard yet?
The speed it changes API for addons is anti-industiral, especially considering how addons fix most fucked up parts in ti.

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Why isn't Blender Sculpting good? Why does it destroyed compared to ZB? Where is the texturing??