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>16 yr old won Blender animator of the year
>1 year experience with Blender
it truly is over for us jeanlets

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the short that won

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No skill. None.

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Very technically impressive for a beginner single person project, but feels really soulless.
Like there's no artistic value here, for all the effort that's gone into it, it doesn't really feel like anything other than a decent tech demo.

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Also called favorite NEET cope.

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just more ian hubert garbage

it's 21th century greeble. yuck

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He's better than me, that much is clear, but the simple fact is that I don't believe him. He shows one example of something and then several months later mentions just doing a tutorial to learn the thing he knew how to do months earlier.
Tutorial or not, no one is doing that sword animation as their first thing. Where's his low poly garbage full of double verts that everyone does when they first start?
He's probably not even 16. I demand an investigation.

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>16 y.o.
>only 1 year
Yeah ok.
I didn't find his work particularly creative, nothing about it made me go wow cool or touched me in any meaningful way.
Still he's technically skilled, way more than me that's for sure.

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Unironically these.
There's a bunch of professional artists on Xitter right now trying to score some compassion points being self deprecating over this when after you strip away the layer of artstation sci-fi slop all you're left with is a pair of badly animated robots and a viscous fluid. Like, how do you fail to convey motion in a robot???

The most impressive thing is having succeeded in keeping up the motivation until the end even after it was clear from the first hour that it was going to look like generic ass kitbash slop.
I guess it's much easier to do so when your approach to artistic endeavors boils down to "this is gonna make me score so many likes on Twitter!!!" instead of "this will express how I really feel"

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If this is the best animator from blender, blender will Never be industry standard

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Art is supposed to invoke thought, emotion, have something to say.
All his works say is
>I watched blade runner and star wars!!!
>member blade runner and star wars???
Nerds will shit piss and cum over seeing something that's like a thing they used to like, idk I guess I just lack either the particular kind of autism or normie-ism needed to appreciate that sort of thing

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there's not much animation in this animation... how did it win blender "animator" of the year?
i also question what exactly he made. a lot of it just looks like your typical greeble plugin shit. it's pretty good for a 16 year old, but not "blender animator of the year" worthy.

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There's no character animation or advanced vfx. All i see is a turret spinning.

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>after you strip away the layer of artstation sci-fi slop
Yeah, if you take away the detailed assets, lighting, and photorealistic rendering - the very focus of the animation - then yeah no shit you're not gonna see much? Are you retarded? The single animation of the robot chopping is all you're willing to focus on here? Yeah guys sorry that my elaborate 11ft sculpture that I tediously crafted with nothing but paperclips didn't present an overarching narrative about anon's absent father, will keep that in mind next time.

The insistence on focusing on anything but the actual technical feats presented here is an immense megacope that can only be witnessed from the bowels of this dogshit board. The fact that a single teenager was even able to create this thing shows the extent of the accessibility and user-friendliness of Blender as a piece of software, regardless of /3/'s gripes. All these fagolas in this thread persistently ignoring the topic of this very board reeks of insecurity.

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you revealed yourself as a tourist

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kid is probably white and/or from a relatively priviledged background. which makes it rather unimpressive and soulless compared to a mentally ill third worlder who lives with debt in a cartel turf and continuously makes 'outsider' art with his shitty $100 laptop despite his situation. yes, what im saying here is Cris is actually infinitely more 'soulful', in his own way. and you cant deny it, Cris is already part of this board's culture and a representative persona of /3/.

t. not Cris.

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Completely agree, Cris has more soul than most people here on /3/, and I am including myself, I might be able to make better 3D models and work on the industry, but what I do is just souless and meaningless shit.

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>if you take away all the pretty kitbash pbr greeble - which is the main focus of the animation btw - you're left with nothing? yeah no shit.
>what are you? going to focus on the animation instead?
Listen to yourself, you fucking clown.
Goddamn you people are insane dickriders. You are literally the target audience for this slop.

>the actual technical feats presented here
name them.

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>woah woah there champ you want to focus on the animation for a project that won the best animator award? are you retarded?
apparently yes i am

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Would you've liked it, if it was your gay furry porn cartoons animated in 3D instead?

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Did you take a shit and eat in this period or was it just tube feeding

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As an ultra beginner looking at this, is this just animation using premade models or is he doing modeling as well? Doesn't seem possible in such a timeframe.

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how is this demotivating? this is evidence that you can also reach that level if a 16 year old can do it.

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This is the right mindset to have. See every work that's better than yours as an opportunity to learn something from it, so you can improve your own work. It requires a shift in perspective and I know it can be hard, but it will be worth it.

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>a 16 year old made more art in a year than /3/ did in the last decade

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who cares it looks good ayyyyy lmao