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How hard is it to get away with just retopologizing someone else's body or head mesh? Is this a common occurrence?

Pic related is some game mod body that I started retopology on. I'm going to change some proportions and put clothes over it, so hopefully nobody notices.

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If you're making a new character, then people won't notice. But if the topology is already fine, then it would be better to edit the current mesh.

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>But if the topology is already fine, then it would be better to edit the current mesh.
Unfortunately it's all triangulated in a way that tris-to-quads can't take care of. It's also quite dense, so having a sub-d/multires mesh that's easier to adjust major proportions of would make more sense I think.
I'm a hard surface guy and never really touch characters, so idk.

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Not that anon but consider remeshing the original triangulated mesh, use the grab brush in sculpt mode to shape the character to the proportions you want then retopo the remeshed model.

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I'm a fair bit along now, so I think I'll finish what I'm already doing and see how easy it is to work with. I'll definitely keep that in mind though.

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if its for porn (it is) then no one cares retard. you're making it for simp coomers not other artists.

its like image bashing, tracing, liquify, etc with drawing. no one cares but you.

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It's actually for someone's shitty game that I'm helping with, but I probably should find a way to just grift coomerbux when it's done.

Still, I am just interested in how often people do this. Bodies aren't like hard surface props where anyone with depth perception and an IQ over 90 can just hammer something out intuit it into looking decent with enough effort. I couldn't imagine trying to do this from scratch without doing some serious anatomy study for a long time beforehand.

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Yes they are, I can sculpt something like that in 2 hours, it's just matter of practice

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Trust me the person that made your picrel never studied anatomy either

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>grift coomerbux when it's done
Then make those hips wider than the shoulder, make the abs a bit more toned and duplicate the breast size.

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