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How are artists holding up finding a job these days? It feels like every one of these artists have to go around begging for money on patreon. Does that art have like a unique or special hidden trait to it that i don't get it so perhaps i should spend more time researching carefully into different artworks so i can start seeing this implicit deep meaning in it?

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You should spend more time on getting somewhere instead of making inane threads

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If you are a nigger or a woman, you can produce garbage tier art and get hired. If you are a white male, you must be insanely talented.

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>>excessive preening
>>heavy make up to simulate orgasm face
>>crying, yet no tears


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videogame job market is still visibly active.
VFX job market is fairly dry in America till march(hopefully). If you live in Canada fuck you, I hate you faggots and your stupid tax benefits.

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>If you are a white male, you must be insanely talented
After having an interest in children

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i need pussy

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Not worth the medical bills and discord drama. Just keep your dick and crossdress.

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enjoy living with 4 immigrants in a shared room with no privacy especially if you live in the city.

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to clarify the studios get major tax benefits to open shops in Canada. 70% of vfx work left the united states cause of the tax benefits.