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>This show conditions a bunch of baby zoomers into thinking shitty 90's graphics look good
>Today they spend their time shitting up the board with threads about old programs that are unironically worse than Blender

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> wah
- you

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That show has Sovl

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O no
What we gonna do
The King loves Daniel, more than me and you

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Love me veggies
Love me 90's graphics
Love me Christ
simple as

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no. unironically, only zoomers larping as boomers in this board are obsessed with old programs.
i am a boomer and im glad with all the new features in modern programs. in fact, i rather just use Unreal realtime graphics if i want to get that old "scanline rendering" look.

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faggot show

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jews are the enemies of Christ retard

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typical christian making up random schizo headcanons to justify their beliefs

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the talmud claims as much (which is, you know, the jewish holy book and what they believe in as core beliefs, equivalent to the bible for Christians)

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For me, it was this.

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There's literally only "retro graphics" threads a few times a year

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it forced, though. Forced SOVL

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Eh, I'd say a like most art opinion's are generally subjective. A lot of what makes early 90's stuff 3d look "good" in my own opinion is the limitations of the medium. Ultimately the hardware limitations of the time meant programmers and technicians had to be creative and less realistic.

Ultimately I believe the zoomers are tired of the modern desire to make everything hyper-realistic (like the 2010's remake's pic rel). The desire for surrealism and simplicity of older designs comes as somewhat of an antithesis to the modern complexity and grounded realism of modern animation.

There are good and bad ways to adapt this interest. I see a lot of imitators not really following limitations yet playing it off as if they made a masterpiece ala shitty let's play PS1 horror titles and overbudget webshows. People just too lazy to learn/ use ancient engines like POV-Ray and want the easy way out which looses a lot of the charm.


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>Forced SOVL
Explain what this is without using buzzwords

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This argument is literally 90s show bad when it was revolutionary for its time and thought of little else. Pixar thought it was so good they asked good idea for pointers on animation. Please just stop posting.

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Not him, but true soul is when an artist gives it their all, and their passion shines through. Soul is not necessarily good or bad quality. It can be either good or bad, or somewhere in between. Rather, soul is the knowing that the artist did everything they could to make somethings as good as they could. Things like deadlines, skill, and tools are taken into account.

So a shoddy animation with a tight deadline can still have soul, since the limitation is accounted for. A movie with subpar effects can still have soul, accounting for the limited tools the studio could afford. A game with less than stellar graphics can have soul, accounting for the small size of the dev team trying to carry the entire production on their shoulders. Stuff like that. Notice, that all of these examples are incidental circumstances. NOT intentional.

Forced soul, is when you *intentionally* produce shoddy work or limit yourself, in order to try and replicate the soul others captured naturally.
Note: Limiting yourself is not the same as using simplistic art styles. You can make a Veggietale's art style today and still have soul. But you have the tools now to make a better. So limiting yourself unnecessarily by using older programs is trying to force soul.

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Does anyone know any artists that actually use these old programs? So far I can't find a single example, yet the boogeyman of the month here is always zoomers and their "forced soul"

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While we're on the topic of 3D 90s shows does anyone remember Reboot?

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Dot Matrix really was far too sexually charged for a children cartoon.

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>The character Dot was considered too sexualized by the BS&P even though she was "never one to expose much cleavage" so the animators were forced to make her breasts less curvy and form them into a lumpy "monobreast", as lightly referred to by the staff.

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go the FUCK back to >>>/v/

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its literally just that proxima64 guy, he shills here all the time