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Why do we never talk about it here? Is it the skill that filters /3/ ?
Whatchu animating bruh?

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Whenever I try to do character animation I end up in the text editor, scripting maya cmds or VEX to help my NEXT animation go faster

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Because while it's very easy to animate in general, it's extremely difficult to animate something that looks decent. The process can also be incredibly tedious and time consuming for even just a couple seconds of footage, so most people don't have the patience for it. When I went to school, everyone from my year wanted to animate at the beginning. After the first animation class, only couple people wanted to animate.

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You kind of have to pick your battles if you want to make nice things in 3d.
animation is such a huge mountain to climb that i don't see the point in learning it when i know that i wont get decent results for a long time
it would take me a very long time to get good enough to get hired
I would rather invest that time in improving my other skills

I think a lot of people just aren't passionate about animating

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animation is potentially great, but it takes a long time. I've been learning how to use a FEM solver slowly since 2022 and this is as far as I've gotten - no hands, no feet, no clothes, untextured, only 35 frames long, no facial animation, artifacts here and there. This is as far as I've got, a punch animation.

I want to do superhero stuff with particles and RBD as well, so I'm going to have to keep on practicing but there is a big scripting component to all of this as well, both in maya and in houdini

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Why does he have foreskin arms

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its recommended not to simulate the hands and feet so you don't set up simulation nodes in those areas

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I'll profit by askin this: Currently learning gamedev (the whole pipeline). I'm finally ready to animate (just finished two courses on how to animate with Maya).
But are there some addons/plugins that are MUST-HAVEs for an animator? I already discovered the 'pose library" plugin, I don't remember how it's called. Any other recommendations?

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I mean, I realise it's the most tedious part of 3DCG but still, the lack of content on it is kind of disturbing to me. Not content, but discussions, especially here. But even on Discord servers and other places, the animation sections are always the slowest. They're even often deserted.
Nice. What's the end goal for the animation btw?
Yeah I understand your standpoint but I still feel like a lot of shit that could make the process faster are industry secrets.

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>Nice. What's the end goal for the animation btw?
I have to go a lot further - blend hands and feet back from regular wrapped skincluster, setup facial muscles and facial blendshapes according to how they described on their forums, learn how to do detailed clothing and sim that clothing on top, setup hair, texture, have vfx. I could be working for a long time but if all goes well then my _next_ animation will be the one that goes quicker

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this is pretty dope, very wibbly and mildly disturbing

I'd like to see a more animation stuff as well, maybe id pick up on some tips or guides from it.

has anyone tried using cascadeur? Is it actually a good software for animating? is it just a gimmick?
Im thinking if I should invest just a little time playing with it to get a taste of animation but i'm not sure if its a good idea

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I tried it a while ago, when the beta just released. Didn't really enjoyed it and it produced a lot of errors. Didn't go further than that but I also felt like you had no "total" control over the stylization of your anims. But I might totally be wrong about the last point.

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I feel people are often reducing animation to characters animations. Wich is why there's no progress posted on this particular task.
bumping this.
But I'd add something too. Since animations are indeed tedious to produce. Are there any guides on how to animate iteratively for games? Especially on action games where the number of frames for attack/the counter-attack and invincibility frames are important to get right.
I'm specifically thinking of this example for Bayonetta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEaf07ZMMfg

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You will only ever see modeling in this board, which the easiest thing about 3D. And even so you will only see shitty models.

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>Is it the skill that filters /3/ ?
Probably, I imagine most posters here are unexperienced blendlets who are barely able to model some lowpoly garbage. Now imagine how much time and effort you have to invest into being a decent animator. To polish a few second animation takes weeks of constant tweaking, most people just don't have such patience. I am with one other person only one from my class who landed a job as a proper animator after graduating from animation school and I still feel like I know fuck all. I struggle every day but I can feel the progress.

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Looks like a roided out supermarket turkey

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i'll take "sentences i've said out loud at family gatherings for 200, Alex."

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I'm decent at animating short stuff like run cycles or attack animations. Polishing a 1-second loop for an hour is so much more fun than refining a 10-second cutscene for 10 hours. I don't have much interest in making any long-ass sequences at the moment but I might give it a try if I come up with any ideas that are good enough to commit to.

Right now I'm working on improving my sculpting/modelling/rigging workflow, so most of the little test animations I make get trashed as soon as I need to modify my rig. (the sybill model/rig is someone else's, I just made a lil animation with it)

The most annoying thing about rigging and animating is how hard it was to get used to all the different methods and techniques, every engine or software seems to have different nuances that clash with everything else, like bone orientation and exporting everything correctly so your whole setup doesn't break.
It makes me wish that there were stricter standards to adhere to, most people can't even agree which direction is up for fuck's sake.

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What tools did the Pseudoregalia dev use? The animations in that game are really surprisingly stellar.

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Tools? like software or blender tools? I'm pretty sure they use blender since some of their WIP stuff is just blender screencaps.
The model I have was just ripped and rigify'd by some anon kind enough to share.

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isn't the dev a cis male

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when I was in college the methods they taught us were so tedious and boring - blocking out a sequence and going over it again and again in specific ways exactly how the tutors wanted you to.
It worked for some people, but I ended up enjoying animating a lot more once I ignored all of that bullshit and just did what I felt was right.
that being said I still think everyone should learn and understand the principles of animation.

I don't have a clue mate, that's why I said they

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>like software
yea that's what I meant

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Impressive. The idea is there, just needs polish. I'm guessing you've already put a lot of hours into this? Absolute mad man.