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Hey guys, anyone else a fan of this style?
>Low poly low res
>Flat emission lighting
>Geometry beyond simple quads & perpendicular faces

Post more if you have them. I struggle to find this stuff

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Also no filters

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That is the worst faux scanline filter I have ever seen.

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Is this low poly or is it using some texture trickery to give it more detail?

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stick to your containment thread, cris. nobody likes you.

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cris couldn't make things like this

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Stfu you fag, low poly is peak aesthetics.

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the fuck do you even mean???
like, elaborate??????
it's a completely normal low poly mesh???

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the twirly bits on the hair, the upper part of the legs. is that just a transparent texture or what

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oh, that's what you meant. ye, texture with transparency.

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I love this style

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Please post wireframe for this style. I can't get the face right unlike the body

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pretty sure the face is all in the texturing

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I want MML3 so bad bros. It hurts.
What's this from?

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I played the demo about a year or two ago, there is something new?

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the real heavy lifting is the textures here, not the model