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hey /3/ this is a rendering of Rupert, who is my cat, using blender. There is a picture of him next to it for reference.
I hope you like it, feel free to make your own rupert

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nice cade

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stop shitting on slow boards with low quality content

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nice, I like the addition of the stripes, your work is improving

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any tips for improving?
thank u

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this is the designated shitting board saar

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This is art, true art.

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oh my god it looks amazing

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thank you it is my first time making something IN 3 DIMENSIONS

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Very cool. Has Rupert visited pol yet?

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oh wow
/t/ has been my favorite so far

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posting in rupert thread, happy birthday Rupert

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>Blessed by a Rupert thread in this godforsaken place
God bless you, OP. Scratch between Rupert's shoulders as a thank you from me.

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I'm still seeding for Rupert!

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Based Rupert

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rupert will save 4chan

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Cute cat. I’ll check out his adventures when I have time. God speed

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bless Rupert

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Life is hard but I am blessed to have witness rupert in my favorite board and now things are a little better o7

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thank you friendo


i did it he was happy and did a mrrp

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can rupert eat shrimp? give him a shrimp in my stead, he deserves it

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Damn, that's one handsome cat you've got s4stard

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cute. i thought i recognized him. tell rupert i said hi anon

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Trying your hand at as many hobbies as possible, I see. Are you going to collect all your attempts somewhere or just touring the boards for shits and giggles?

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Paint alphabet flag over your cat and it will do as contemporary artwork. Now fuck off.