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Is this Boss Fight @pwnisher challenge i see everywhere now good? Everyone is doing it, but nobody is talking about it here.


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hide clint threads, do not reply to clint

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Winning stupid online contests against pajeets and other shitters will be the peak of his career.

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Every time he gives a prompt where entrants must animate their own humans, most of them end up looking fucking weird for some reason, even in the top 100. This is why the vehicle montage is the good one of the lot.

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Most of Clint's challenges have been pretty good. Anons here tend to complain about the advertising.
The top 100 are still way above what I can make, so I like watching them.

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i like how the flames don't move when the plane they're on tilts lmao

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Endless Engines>Infinite Journeys>Alternate Realities>Boss Fight>Moving Meditations>Dynamic Machines>Parallel Dimensions

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how the hell did this guy win 1st place? This is why I wouldnt want to enter. Looking at the top 100 there were literally over 25-50 that were better than his and yet he somehow "won"

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Isn’t this the guy who makes money on YouTube for doing nothing and “challenges” people to upload their work to him. Why are you Blender people so stupid on a obvious scam.

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If people want to give him submissions, that's their choice. I don't participate myself but I like seeing everyone's work. It's cool. There's a few people from these challenges I follow now as well.

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>Nooo! You can't just do 3D! You have to argue about software and workflows pointlessly instead of proving it with your knowledge.

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The problem is the youtuber doesn’t do anything and makes money from other people’s work, not if he can do it. Actually I don’t think the youtuber can do it because he has no profile on his 3D art career.

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>Actually I don’t think the youtuber can do it
He streams himself making the opening sequences for the montages.

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>The problem is the youtuber doesn’t do anything and makes money from other people’s work
Isn't that 90% of youtubers?

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He doesn't have a livestream anywhere, not even Google can find it.

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He streams it on his channel

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We can see that he does not stream it on YouTube it doesn’t even have the chatbox like normal streaming events.

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are you saying that he is a fraud?!

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All of his videos on youtube do not show actual 3D modeling, only VFX. His own challenge do not show him working on models. There is no livestream ( i dont know where you getting that info), no portfolio, patron only matches his youtube, etc.

So once again people are getting scammed by something they are not aware of.

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It's on the Live tab on his channel. His opening sequences for previous challenges look pretty good, and if he's showing how to accomplish that using VFX, I don't see what the problem is. I don't watch the livestreams, though. It seems he used to do some 3D modeling stuff, judging by the thumbnails and titles.

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The video you picture doesn't show any modeling, he just made squire models at different shapes and bend it. The entire video is like this.

1) sponsor ad
2) tells everyone how he wants it made with pictures
3) imports pre-made animation model
4) make squire models and shapes it
5) find textures (not legal used ones)
6) add more models that are then shaped a little
7) more textures
8) ends video

It's very telling that he does not model or animate. One of his live streams with the infinite journeys, he said "This is first time doing a model." Then follows it up with "I always do photo scans". He never made the character model. Next live stream He even admits all he did was move some things a little and smooth default models.

This guy is not a maker, he is a VFX kind of guy. He lacks animation 101, uses Blender and lies to get what he needs from Youtube.

So yes this guy is a fraud, he can't do 3D art without photo scan and only does Youtube stuff, a very big flag of Blender scam.

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>The video you picture doesn't show any modeling
I am aware. You mentioned earlier there is no livestream. I took a screenshot from one. Unless you meant he isn't currently streaming.
I know he does some animation work because the screenshot in >>959279 is him using motion capture for the Infinite Journeys opening, and I don't see motion capture being an issue. It's a huge time-saver.
I'll take your word that he's a VFX kind of guy. I don't see a problem with that, if the end result is good.

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come on!

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I legit didn’t know livestreams go to tabs. Normally you see it on twitch or were uploaded to another channel. I don’t know why YouTube did this.

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>I don’t know why YouTube did this
Because they're retards. Every change they ever make is retarded. Remember the old days when you could send private messages to any account? Jews spoil everything.