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Is it even worth learning retopology nowadays?

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I'm curious to have an experienced persons pov on this
The points seem a bit random to me
Was this modeled in something like zbrush and then through some automatic repology tool jiggered down to the mess in OP's screenshot?
Or what happened here? that's my uneducated guess

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are you aware that many things you see on the internet are completely fake?

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yeah right why would anyone do that? just go on the internet and lie
as if

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pretty sure it's some auto retopo

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I think we're looking at the first instances of AI generated meshes.

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The absolute state of this fucking board lmao

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Real sick shit

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>I'm curious to have an experienced persons pov on this
its fake
look close, the mesh looks nothing like the in game model
i have seen the in game models, they are very pretty and clean, bethesda has good artists

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No, it's just decimated

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It was decimated. Most game assets are decimated like this. Most game scenes have a budget of verts although these days PCs rarely have to struggle with it. Most of the spergs using this dumbass box as an example dont actually understand game development for a big company like bethesda. If anything this shit was downloaded and retextured for speed not efficiency. But if the efficiency improvement is 0.5%, is it worth the hour or so retopoing and re uving this thing? No. So it gets put in like that.

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Made In India*

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>1. Sculpt the apple
>2. Decimate the mesh until target number of polygons is reached
>3. ???

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that's like asking if it's even worth paying for a TV just because niggers happen to loot them. if everyone always took other people's shortcomings as excuses we'd still be living in the stone age. maybe you just belong there.

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Learn retopo cuck.

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These models are for the inspect-item LOD in inventory. The model that gets rendered in scene is different

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Some fake shill.
Even the most crude autoretopo tools wouldn´t end up like that.
If this is really an ingame model, i´d blame that new tesselation crap from Nvidia that does that automatically to meshes when they´re up close.

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>i´d blame that new tesselation crap from Nvidia that does that automatically to meshes when they´re up close.
That wouldn't be baked into the mesh but generated on the fly in a shader

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if an object is static, all that matters are points that describe the object's silhouette. Clean or dirty doesn't matter come render time, even in film

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i've been making the ;low poly models first and sculpting/baking them afterwards. is this dumb or can i get away with it