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Is there a Blender addon that lets you spawn a sphered cube from the Add menu?

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>Delete Default Cube
>Add Cube
>Add Modifier, Subdivision Surface
>Increase Viewport Levels to desired amount
>Click on down arrow near the top of the modifier, click Apply

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Extra objects has the rounded cube, it is inside blender 4 free

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>>Delete Default Cube
>>Add Cube

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If you don't sacrifice the default cube, millions will suffer

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you never delete the cube everything starts from a cube

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>He uses the default startup file

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No matter how many levels of subdivision you add you can never turn a cube into a sphere. You can shrinkwrap it to a real sphere. IIRC there's some better way to do this too.

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You can To Sphere a subdivided cube.

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make a spherical cube and save it

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how do you pick your startup file

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perfect sphere from a cube. just use dual mesh a few times and add in some smoothers. completely reworkable

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@P = normalize(@P);
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