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this is what Bethesda calls "game ready"

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wtf is that even ment to be

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A broken remote.

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Topology fags btfo

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is this an asset form the game?

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The apple chunk.

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Hardly a dent in the tens of billions of polygons modern hardware can handle. Polycount isn't as big of a deal as it was ten years ago. Upgrade your shitty system mate.

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is this real?

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I'm very new to 3D, but why couldn't have they just done this?

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How it looks in the game.

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because they're fucking retarded

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is it breakable?

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I don't know if that object in Starfield is breakable.

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You need even polygons for proper reflections

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"Even" as in "as close to even sided as possible"?

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You're using Blender, of course you have no fucking idea what's going on. 99% of the idiots on this board use Blender as well so they don't have a fucking clue what they're talking about. This topology is fine for static objects, not for animated ones. Please do yourself a favor and take a 3D class at school with Maya, it doesn't matter how shit and trash the school is it'll be better than anything you will ever learn with Blender.

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Is this some sort of an in-joke on this board, or are you being serious?

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He is taking about deformations on a solid box so the only person who is that stupid to make that remark is Cris,and I think that he uses blender so, for the sake of humanity I hope is a joke

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Here is a compilation from /v/
Pajeets and Bethesda cultists are on total damage control right now

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This is a sandwich in Starfield

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I can see that this was initially a beveled cube. How would a competent person go about adding organic detail without fucking up the topology so much?

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It's like those /v/ retards don't understand what a static mesh is lol

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Topology only matters when you're deforming the object.

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use zbrush?

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>He is taking about deformations on a solid box
You read that backwards and thus need to go back to school.

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This is literally worse than the OP. At least the one on OP will look good in game, this will look like complete shit because the polygon size is all over the place.

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Of course not. This is the in game model.

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they're called QUADS not RECTANGLES for a reason, aspect ratios matter

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Please dont be a copypasta that would be so funny as fuck

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Blenderfags are cringe, but 120.000 polys?

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You basically do that and then bake it in a fucking cube
it is a cube, idk the things that you want to animate there but it looks like a prop that could react to physics or to have some loopable animation at best

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do you suppose creation engine has different lod and that one happens to be the highest one?

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I thought of that, and also the possibility that it's tessellated (maybe dynamically) so that a displacement map can be applied.

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they don't do this because they need to sell computer parts

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FAAAAAKE. Why would a game asset have quads? The game already has its flaws, so why invent new ones?

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Where can I read more about why this is the case? Also, that doesn't explain the black wireframe between the details.

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You need uniform geometry for correct shading.
For performance, you also want your quads to be small enough to fit in a fragment shader, they can be as tiny as 2x2 pixels.

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Still wouldn't make sense.
A geometry has to do two things: define shape and support other pieces of geometry and the quad meshed cube in OP is full of shit that does neither.
This would make sense, but I can't imagine what's going with that cube that you would want to tesselate it. I can't find what it looks like fully textured in game.

this is nonsense

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>this is nonsense

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Do Bethesda modelers not know sub-d? Pathetic.

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should I need to remind you?

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They already posted a bunch of 3D art jobs lol. It seems like a whole department got fired for this.

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ohhh, wait, so is this the dwemer puzzle cube? yeah, i knew this had to be some fake news shit where some clown on twitter takes some shit out of context.

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>Required Skills:
>3D software: Maya or 3DS Max
oh well better luck next time /3/

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the same studios who made starfield's 3d assets also worked on stuff like diablo 4, god of war, bg3, and a ton of other shit. chances are they know what they're doing and you don't. besides, people have shown that the reason starfield runs like shit on pc is because the engine uses the gpu's ram inefficiently.

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Can anyone explain why this is bad without going full schizo?

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Maybe you just need a modern computer?

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making a cube use a billion polygons doesnt add any detail and kills performance. an anon said its fine because the cube is animated but I think hes trolling, even if you used Maya like he suggested you would still think this is retarded

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>ok topology
>can deform
>40k tris
how tf that shitty cube with awful topology have 120k tris

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i've never played starfield.

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A 4090 can't hold stable 60fps at max settings. Doesn't help that it looks like an early PS4 game either.

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My 3080TI is having no trouble at max
But then I don't do the whole 8k meme

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Knowing Bethesda's extensive track record, the artists know what they're doing and the studio doesn't.

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the artists aren't from bethesda. they are from 3d studios that have worked on a ton of triple-a games and movies. the shittiness of bethesda's code is not the responsibility of some 3d modeler in china.

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isnt this from garden of banaban

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Imagine buying a 3080Ti for 1080p

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Oh wait, it can't even do 1080p 60fps lmao

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Again had no issues maintaining 60FPS
Not sure whats wrong with those niggas rigs

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Holy shit lmao. This also completely explains that crappy art direction.

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Let me guess, you used upscaling? No shit the results are different

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What-what polycount? I am doing high-detailed printready models more optimized than this cube O_O

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How do you get that many chinese and indians in a room together without a bloodbath?

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What's wrong with the art direction? I like it. Also, those are probably just the people hired to do the menial labor of creating the assets, while the art direction was handled by more trusted people in Bethesda.

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So now instead of getting a warehouse with 10 million crates to interact with we get 10 crates like weve always had.

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And then it all made sense

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fun fact : 4channel is blocked in china AND india so you are just trying to make fun of like 3 billion people who cant even respond to you.


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492 tris

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that bake isn't looking so hot

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So the game was made in India hahahahahaha

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No you don't.

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that is better but could be more optimized.