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any idea how to fix inverse hull's inaccurate borders between materials? pic related. are they simply using a different method in the ref (above)?

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things i've considered: 1) separating the object by material, calculating the borders for each, then somehow masking/compositing it to make it work in post. 2) pic related, a fresnel method of generating borders, which i think looks like shit. 3) grease pencil object, which also looks like shit. i'd really just like to recreate the method they were using in the 90's, which has gotta be inverted hull, yes?

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Here's a concrete description of the problem: the "solidify"-generated hull doesn't meet at the creases between each material. I'm looking for a fix that doesn't involve baking solidify and manually adding in the necessary extra geometry.

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and a proposed solution: have the hull intersect at material borders. has no one written a blender add-on that does this?

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to help visualize, here is the same diagram drawn over the original screenshot (with the added plane appropriately colored in with the border color). i hope this clarifies the problem and my proposed solution.

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Quick update, I've reasoned that adding geometry is not the solution (it would cause unnecessary thickness and weird line weights). Rather, the solidified hull should pinch inward so as to be colinear to the original mesh at marked seams. Testing it now to see if this reasoning is sound.

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and there you go, it's fuckin fixed. you know, 3D has so much manual shit involved, i may as well just continue the tradition by doing this shit manually instead of writing a script to do it for me. Anyway, it's pretty fucked that NO ONE online has written about this glaring problem with inverted hull. I guess people either 1) know enough to fix it manually themselves, or 2) don't know enough to sense something wrong at all.

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Add a vertex group to use the solidify modifier with, and set the seam vertices' weights for that group to zero. Then the hull's and the mesh' vertices will overlap at that point.

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Beautiful. Real life saver for rigging as well because now I don't have to bake the solidify too soon. Thanks anon

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You're welcome. Use the same method to make awkward angles look alright, shape outlines and to plain remove the hull from places where you don't want it, like faces or non-manifold geometry.

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keeping an eye on this, I like Parappa and wanna see how you do OP

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thanks anon, i wouldn't have worked on this tonight without your (You). as soon as i get started, though, i remember i'm interested in the process itself. i rigged teri first since she's a bit simpler. i found it very satisfying to make her arm veeeeery slightly stretchy.

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add gaps between the seams

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do you have a blog? social media?

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got her rigged with a driver that prevents her pants from clipping into her shoes. set design & prop marathons next.
somamosaurus on twitter, check out the version of pic related with sound! also i wasn't planning on it originally, but i suppose i'll keep updating here as well.