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Starting to seriously think you can´t make it with art, if you like try to be a follower.

There´s not point on making my style look like genshin impact, Vroid or AAA realism.

Because there´s like a billion artists that can make that shit in 5 minutes at a level I simply wont be able to compete.

It's also why I will stop using AI.
There´s not point on using a tool that makes eveything look like It was made by the same tool, with the same compositions and poses.
And the flood of AI art, means it will be the new fiver pajeet scam type of art.

People will get tired of it, eventually.

And the fact AAA companies will start to use it.
It´s not a new thing, is not unique.

Your game will be simply another AI art game.

Honestly what I see is that I need to just do a gamble and just push with this style.
It looks bad, yes, not skilled, yes, amateurish, yes.

You can say, oh, that´s a joke, those models are bad, It looks like an asset flip. It´s just hilarious how bad it is.

And yet....
It´s unique.

Like it takes a person less than a second to quickly realize is not generic VN anime waifu pixiv art, or le epic AAA realism or western art.
It´s unique.

And that´s the card I think that will let me to actually make it.
My winning secret card.

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>literally left the bnpr discord and deleted his account because he got called out

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literal skill issue. cry somewhere else please

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How is a skill issue when AI can generate cgtalk shit in 30 seconds, retard?

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This looks like AI.

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well at least we know cris is still alive, I was starting to wonder if he got thirdworlded to death.

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The world isn't going to run out of art jobs before we're 60, retard. Find something else art related you're good at like weapon design, architecture etc. etc. if AI can generate things that are as good as your current work then it's your problem.

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not what I mean, I am talking about having an original style,

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OP couldn't art direct themselves out of a wet paper bag

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fuck off cris

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wow, cris made a game?
eroge when

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>you have already reported this post
what do mods gain from not banning an annoying spambot?

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/3/ mod is a huge clown that keeps banning regulars for dark humor, but leave off topic spam float for months
look at this disgusting display of moderation >>940918 i dont think i ever seen this happen on other boards

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This post is pretty based
people only make fun of Chris because they see themselves in him- and they hate that.

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Time to make some coomer kino.

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Tfw Chris is /3/'s mod.

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cris im begging you just go for a cohesive 3d style this is all over the place

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To be honest, I could enjoy a game in this style if it had some redeeming qualities like good gameplay, an enjoyable story, good characters, something like that.
Even using AI booba of your characters and fun dialog/cutscenes could make it enjoyable enough to make a few thousand dollars on steam

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>generic voxel/pixel art
>generic low poly
Nothing you're showing here is unique and special. You should stop judging yourself by unique" or "original" your work is, though.
How "original" it is doesn't matter. Is it good? That's the only question.
If your game is fun, people will play it. If it looks good, that's a bonus and helps market it.
"I won't even try, what's the point" is not how you make good art. Strife for the best that you can produce. Don't ask what the point is, it's art, the point is you want to make it and share it. Give a shit. Work on crafting your vision. Improve what you create until you are proud of what you've made.
Giving up is the opposite of giving a shit.

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