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What is the correct way to animate skin bulges? Like if a character's skin is being pressed on by another 3D object, how do you make it look like pressure is being realistically applied? As opposed to just clipping through the mesh.

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FEM, anything less is a dirty hack

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Ai or machine learning. Disregard the other idiot >>946612

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not an argument

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Easy: blendshape
Stupid: physics

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What about bones?

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A combination of blendshapes, joints and deformers.

In Maya, I've found the shrinkwrap deformer to be quite useful for this. It needs some experimenting to get it right, as if it's not set up correctly, it'll just end up a jittery mess. But otherwise, it's a great lightweight option, and much better than purely relying on blendshapes.

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You can bake soft body simulation frames into your model. You could map your topology to an invisible simulated muscle, too.

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who is right and who is wrong?