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Hi /3/! I remember when we had a thread about CG porn and how to make it, and OP even provided others with a MEGA link for porn resources eg. sounds, models, blender porn tutorials.
I want to ask for your advices regarding making CG Porn, and if someone has a library of assets for example videos, sounds, I would greatly appreciate it!

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death to all pornographers

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I have the mega link but it gets the thread nuked pretty quickly when posted. Out of all the shit they don't delete and purge right?

Here's the discord invite that has what you're looking for and more


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OP here, I'm just going to steal the link and invite quickly. Thank you!

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please share :C

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>blue board
>hey guys, how can I make porn?

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Why is /3/ a blue board but /ic/ isn't?
Nobody wants to post portfolio level work here anyway.

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Jannies are dead you can literally post porno and it will take months to remove it.

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Simple. The people posting portfolio level work aren't making threads for each and every stupid question they have, and they're not doing porn because they aren't ngmi losers like OP. If it were a red board, it would be way worse.

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i see alot of projecting.
have (You) made it yet anon?

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She is a senior fluffer at Pixar. She absolutely goes ballistic if you make a thread on this board that is below her "standards" and that she thinks belongs in a containment thread like sq because it costs money for additional bandwidth. That being said - show Her some respect.

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I think it may have something to do with the fact that there’s a lot more involved with learning how to draw than there is with doing asset flips in blender. Because of how much easier it is for literally anyone to just throw shit together, this board would likely be swarmed with really terrible porn if it were a red board. The thing I don’t understand is why other blue boards allow a certain degree of nudity and this one doesn’t even though we’re on an adult website that lets you say racial slurs and hold vendettas against people. You can do all manner of terrible things on this website, but don’t dare to post a woman’s bare breasts on /3/ because that’s degenerate and evil. I honestly don’t understand why the puritans on this board don’t just fuck off to reddit if they want a clean experience.

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A simple "no" would have sufficed.

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No, that person really did make it. Its easy to distinguish that persons posts and They have proved themselves

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op you are too horny

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Sorry, I dont understand Jeetish, please speak like a human being.

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there is an anon in this very thread that works at Pixar, deal with it

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I don't care

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>download a model and scene
>make like 4 keyframes

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my dog works at pixar, its not an achievement anon.

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Post the links in IC since 3DCG is a blue board

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>people posting portfolio level work aren't making threads
A) who?
B) they should be posting threads

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Yea... and i'm King Charles III, Ruler of London.

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i never knew retards had so much hate for 3d porn till i visited this board. then i realized its because you get easy praise and money the more skilled you are at animating tifa. animating porn while working on personal projects on the side is pretty nice and its all thanks to this board

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