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working on a concept art portfolio for games and I did a very rough blockout for this office space. Does the overall architecture and scale make sense?
I might make the staircase wider and raise the ceiling to make it feel more open.

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Use the wip thread.you aint special.

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But you are special.

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Nope just salty.

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it has a very "mall" feel
offices are generally either cubicle fields or rooms separated by narrow corridors, but yours is very open.
i would probably add something right of the guy.
Also plants need light, this is an unfortunate place to put them. How would one even water them?

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The more that faggot gets drowned out the better

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>what is a lobby
>what is an atrium
The wraparound balcony is mall-like but the idea of a 2+ floor open space isn't inherently un-office-like. If it were just a loft/walkway along one wall with a staircase leading to it I think it would work.
I'd nix the skylight, I think that's what's really killing it for me. No 2-story professional building is going to have a massive atrium skylight. If this is more than a 2 story building and you're just on an upper-level atrium, still nix the skylight. High rises have too much HVAC and shit on the roof for that.
Also, is that partition wall near the staircase meant to be the location of a reception desk? That should not be right next to the stairs. Stairs shouldn't just drop down into the middle of the room like that at all really

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yeah this is meant to be a lobby area with the reception next to the staircase. I agree with the skylight part but what do you think I should do with the stairs?
I was referencing these images : https://officesnapshots.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/socie%CC%81te%CC%81-general-offices-chicago-ted-moudis-2-1200x807.jpg


Should I just do the wrap around with the stairs or move them elsewhere completely?

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The reason the stairs work in those rooms is that the rooms are more compact and the stairs are closer to a wall, not just jutting straight out into the middle of a cavernous room - notice the second flight up is bordering the rear wall in both. "Floating" stairs generally look more sensible against a wall, unless they're crossing between two elevated concourses.

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hmm you're right. I think I'll push the stairs back and break it into 2 flights with the second one against the wall

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>office space
from the pic i thought i was looking at a motel. clearly before designing things yourself you should first recreate real life objects to get a feel for dimensions, how single elements contribute to the aesthetics etc etc.

for archviz in particular i would only use specific tools such as railclone. you're not going to get hired for architecture by manually crafting walls and windows in fucking blender.

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Just a quick 10 minute layout idea. No clue what sort of game you're intending this for but there's plenty of ways to fill out/expand the "blocked in" space - I'd probably do an elevator shaft in the right wall of that main hall off the atrium

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I don't know if you can read or not but it says portfolio for games, not archviz. Software doesn't matter for a portfolio, and even if it did a lot of mid tier studios use blender.

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That's actually a good idea, functional too, thanks

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Plants on shelves, Ok Obama...

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I dunno, I kind of see what OP's going for.

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He could pull it off, depending on his furnishings.

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