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I'm trying to make a 3D reconstruction of a flame from images taken with the same RGB camera from different angles. What software do you recommend to do the modeling? For now my only options are OpenCV. matplotbib and mayabi

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You want a 3d model of a specific flame?
If you're not a shit poster, I'm actually curious why you'd want to do this.

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I want to take pictures of a laminar flame with a RGB camera from different angles, and then recreate with the flame shape with temperature mapping based on the light spectrum. For now I have the physical experimental setup, and I'm configuring in openCV the temperature color mapping algorithm.

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good luck, man. i'd be surprised if you could pull an accurate point cloud of a 'volume' from just rgb photos, but i've never tried it.

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In fact, it's my master thesis, I'm trying!!! thanks for your good wishes my friend.

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