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Anyone get that error in Zbrush where the pressure on the tool goes to 100% and you cant reset it until you restart the program? Does that go away in Maxon versions?

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Yes that error only occurs to motherfucking idiots that don't use /sqtddtot/.

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So you have no solution and this isnt a stupid question that doesnt deserve its own thread, idiot.

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Oh so you deserve a thread? Lets make it a thread then. This is now a teapot thread. You fuck.

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Schizo alert

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use a legit version
piracy is illegal

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I bought a legit version for $900 before it was acquired by Maxon

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Idiocy is illegal too.

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why are you baiting a legitimate question with ad hominems which shows up on zbrush central as well?

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Why don't you answer the question so everyone can move on with their lives?

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You get that error in ZBrush because you're using ZBrush. Thread closed.

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>opens thread

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Hey, this doesn't go away in Maxon versions. You can restart your tablet drivers to fix the pressure issues.

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Hasn't happened to me once all these years, Might be something else

My decimation mater however, has been fuck for some reason

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