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>There's our little 3DCG expert!
>Still waitin' on that call from Pixar, son?

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Why the hell would we want to work on the Little Mermaid for pennies in the worst commute in California?

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No it's more about your normie family thinking CGI is either Pixar or Dreamworks, no inbetween

>> No.946366

who watches Dreamworks films anymore?

>> No.946370

Actually I took the initiative and called Pixar last year. Yelled at an agent for 10 minutes so they would stop making movies about chinks, niggers and homosexuals.

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To be fair, I do use that as a reference point when trying to explain what I do.
3d artist/animator could mean anything to someone who doesn't understand it. It could mean you make sculptures irl, do something random with stereoscopic 3d ("oh, you mean 3d like with the glasses"), or something completely out there.
I mean for fuck's sake, I still have to explain to my grandma that they're not "drawings". Saying I do "something like Pixar movies like Toy Story" gives a solid reference point for them to start from. Even though I do nothing similar and I'm just working in the same medium. Always love the "oh, well I hate cartoon movies", despite me not doing anything similar.

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Fuck pixar I make porn now

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