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Can you post this to reddit's SLC subreddit this week? I keep getting banned from there and I dont know how to get upvotes. My messege is heavily aimed toward the kinds of white people you find on that particular subreddit.



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I can't correct them because in america I am not allowed to "be political" around white people. The white men are the most fragile ones to having discussion about american imperialism so far. In personal settings they ban me from their groups or they stop inviting me to things. A lot of them still want to pretend that their country did not kill brown kids in the middle east for 21 years. It's "impolite" to bother them with silly dead brown kids. You get banned or fired for doing that. I don't want to have to hide from white people.

I've been able to learn about a lot of the things that the white people did not want me to know about their country. You play pretend so well that it keeps people like me stupid. I despise you for keeping me so stupid. The black people are not stupid. I can see that everyone wants to get along but capitalism makes monsters out of everyone.

The three white men I talked to in the city yesterday are proud to be apolitical and stupid. That must be such a nice feeling.

They dont want to think about american imperialism. I'm banned from all the white people groups. I'm a political refugee so I HAVE TO BE POLITICAL. The people here are sick. I dont understand how to do it anymore. I'm not able to play the white people's fucking clown anymore. The people are fucking scaring me. I want the ability to be in public without being banned from everything like this or I don't understand how to survive. You apolitical morons are killing people like me. I want to be allowed to talk to them but they are not making any sense.

I will keep trying to talk to people in public but I'm scared that they make me even more scared. I really need money to stay away from them or I think I will die soon. I dont want to be friends with any of you anymore because the way....

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...I view your performance is disgusting to me now that I have more context about america's place in the world and your responsibility to the system to be complacent to infinite war and caveman imperialism. Your only job is to keep your head totally empty so that you can focus on becoming successful in the system that will kill us all. Everyone has a gun behind their head in the land of the free. You americans disgust me. I feel sorry for your situation and I am scared of you.

Its permanently disgusting to understand why everyone I know acted the way they acted. They have to be stupid and empty headed not to want to tear all this down to start somethign new. We are prisoners in a dream at the end of the world. This wont get any better unless we are allowed to be realistic in real life. The random people that I have been talking to are totally unrealistic so I am thinking that I will just bail out before things get worse.

I'll keep figuring out how to make friends outside of the capitalist system. None of you are friends under Capitalism. You are people that meet under similar economic circumstances.

I dont want to know you but I dont want to die from the stupidity that I caught from your liberal performances. America puts people like me on the chopping block and you watch on like the germans that watched as germany chose more and more people to sacrifice on the alter of captialism. I dont want to starve to death but hopefully one day I will die from a brain tumor. Save me the trouble of having to endure so much fucking stupidity from real life.

Donate to my gofundme so I dont die.

If it goes well I want to spend time building things for former friends so that it can help them see the real world from my perspective.

It costs about 850 dollars a month to keep me alive and if I can have more than that I'll be able to build things in real life.


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Maybe you should save your money instead of paying for a tripcode, retard.

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Fucking shit. They snuff out your perspective if they dont like what you're saying. I cant post anywhere.

I would want to post to r/liberal because its those particular white people that I think are so shameful because of how their system indoctrinates them.

I'm a political refugee but I'm not allowed to be political around white people and the white people really are killing me because of this. They only like when brown people are stupid but when they understand american imperialism, its too much work for them to stop pretending. They keep me stupid and then they wait for me to die. This is a disgusting and cursed existence.

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Not sure if I want to hide thread or bring popcorn.

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