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Blender is way too complex for me. Does /3/ know of any simpler programs?

I've been using an android app called prisma 3d up to this point. Its almost exactly what I need and I'd stick to using it if it wasn't practically incapable of texturing.

I've also worked with milkshape 3d and its ui is comprehensible. So anything similar to that which has tutorials available online would also work.

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tinkercad, but I don't think that can do texturing either and it's well cad focused.
But since you mention texturing, you'd need to do uv unwrapping for that and if blender is too complicated for you you won't grok that either.
But srs you can learn the basic concepts of blender in an afternoon.

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Wings 3D

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>But srs you can learn the basic concepts of blender in an afternoon
I have tried and failed multiple times. I just get about 5 minutes into the first tutorial and my brain shuts off. It also doesn't help that I'm stuck with 2.7 due to using old hardware.

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>I'm stuck with 2.7 due to using old hardware.
Here's the mistake 2.7 was very non-intuitive.
What you mean you're stuck? I'm pretty sure 3.4 runs on a potato.
Now you can't go ham with polycounts and the subdiv modifier is still no near as fast as it used to be in 2.7 but for basic modelling that doesn't matter.
If it's really old (by that I mean a 32bit machine) there are also builds of 2.8 and 2.9 runs on windows 7.

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Its an issue of gpu support. The gpu doesn't support opengl 3.0, so that means nothing newer than 2.7.

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small kek

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hello fellow stranger

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2.7 is your problem, i had the same experience with it multiple times and with 2.8 it was so much fun and way easier to learn(donut tutorial was a great introduction there)

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Don't worry if you can't run 2.8+. You're not missing out on anything of any value. 2.79 is fine. Take it with patience.

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How many times do I have to tell you to stop posting here Blender Guru? Don't you have to go finish some rendering of a kitchen with dramatic lighting or something?

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its not an issue of patience. I just can't learn blender. The interface is just too much of a barrier to entry. There's too much going on, I can't focus on anything.

Pic related is an interface I can actually comprehend. I could learn anything like this provided I just had some tutorials.

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it's actually pretty simple when you get the 10000ft view, but it exposes everything to you at once which is overwhelming

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thats exactly my problem. Its too much all at once. I just can't deal with that.

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the key is to deal with only a slice of it at a time.
each individual component is pretty straight forward. the UI has been designed so there is a lot of overlap between the keybindings of different tools, making learning new tools easier.
you don't need to know anything about animation to master modeling, which is what you need to get good at first.
also, don't be afraid of looking at the manual and reading even boring chapters like the basics of the UI.

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>the key is to deal with only a slice of it at a time.
my problem is that I can't do that. There's too much overlap between all the features so I can't compartmentalize it mentally.

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>Blender is way too complex for me.
skill issue

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sounds like you have a very severe learning disability

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Anon, just stick with Blender or whatever, keep learning the basics. Even at higher skill levels, you're using the basic tools and panels most of the time.

Nobody's forcing you to figure out these really specific render settings or world settings, or camera lensing or whatnot, you forget about all that for now - pretend it doesn't exist, just focus on making your little car or what you like, and take it from there one step at a time.

You'll what to learn, when you really need it.
>I sure wish there was a way to do this thing I need for my car.
And there you go, you're easily learning things that seemed impossible when you thought of it all as too complex for you to ever learn.

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Unironically yes. I have ADD. Shit makes learning complex tools like blender nearly impossible.

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>Unironically yes. I have ADD. Shit makes
My reply was before yours just now. I "unironically" had a severe stroke.

Nearly impossible isn't a good excuse, ever.
>It's difficult for me, so I'll hold off, and eventually it'll be too late.
You zoomers are such losers, I swear to god. It's so annoying to read this stuff. You have every advantage, but something your parents got you diagnosed with decides for you, nope, can't do it, nuh uh, gonna make a thread on fucking 4chan asking for a handout to something dumbed down instead. And what happens after that? You come back for another handout, because you go out of your way to not learn. There's probably someone more crippled than me on this board, and they're probably doing better than you, too, if I am. We all start from somewhere.

Don't complain you're getting confused by things you don't need. Go watch some beginner tutorials. The tools they show you how to use, are what you're going to be using 99% of the time.

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>but something your parents got you diagnosed with decides for you, nope, can't do it, nuh uh,
Do you think medical disorders are just invented by doctors and a person is perfectly fine before they're diagnosed?
I had serious problems focusing and paying attention long before I got diagnosed.

People have been telling me to "just try harder" and "just work through it" my entire life. That does not work. It has never worked.
The best I can do is to work around it. In this case that's finding a program with a different UI than blender.

In the time this thread has been up I've been digging through old archived websites and actually found some tutorials for an old program with a UI I can use, no thanks to you or this thread. So I'm going to just use that.

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maya, got the hang of it extremly quickly, talking sub 1 month.

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Or you could get medicated for your stupid condition so you can function normally, if you can't even figure out Blender finding a simpler program is the least of your worries

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> an old program with a UI I can use
Out of curiosity, which one?

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I like Blockbench, MagickaVoxel, and Plasticity for doing certain types of modeling for fun. But those are not as flexible and powerful as Blender. I'd suggest sticking with Blender because it has tons of good tutorials and information online that you can use.

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People without any medical condition have serious trouble using Blender's UI. It's just that OP doesn't have the correct mental condition.

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You're thinking about it the wrong way Op. Blender isn't more complex than it needs to be to do what it does.
If you want to do something basic learn how to do that and ignore all the rest. If you evey wanna grow and branch out
those parts will be there for you the day you need them and feel ready to learn something more advanced.

Plus blender will stick around and remain relevant for the rest of our lives. Don't waste your time teaching something that isn't gonna be there for you day you need it for something.

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That shit crashes all the time for no good reason corrupting your files in the process and it is kind of retarded.

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Have you tried play-doh buddy?
You can make stars and dinosaurs 'till you get tuckered out and then we'll eat cookies together

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take your fucking meds then
or find the local meth dealer and buy some meth if you can't afford a legitimate prescription or some retarded shit like that

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I'm not going back on Adderall. That stuff is essentially meth and taking it (at least dose I needed) made me tweaked out all the time.

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Milkshape 3d. Its mainly meant for game modding, but all I need are models, the animation is going to be done in seperate program.

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Old software dooesn't cease to exist once it stops being updated. Most of the software and hardware I use is 10+ years old and it still does everything I need it to.

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bro blender is easy. just today i started 3d myself and after 4 hours i already got myself a low poly slender loli. shit is ez af.

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