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Galaxy brain business move to outsource development of zero revenue internal tools to naive aspies who do it for free. Dreamworks, I kneel.

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Desire to make an api for 3ds max intensifies.

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>have to build it yourself
i mean cool, but like, can i just have an installer so i can try it?

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This completely replaces renderman

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Is it owari da for cycles and eevee? KEK

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you can't have an installer it's just the lighting method like raytracing it's useless in it's current form

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There's a docker image. Also someone is working on a package for Arch. It'll probably take a while for it to be usable by anyone since it was built for a very specific environment.

If you look at other open source software released by the Academy a lot of the contributions are coming from the industry.

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ok wheres the .exe i double click to load up the interface with viewport, outliner, and timeline?

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how do I get this into Houdini?

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Currently they allow you to clone the source and build it, but it only runs on Linux (Centos-7).
Let me know when it runs on Windows.

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its primarily CPU bound
GPU is not supported in many aspects.
copium is hard on this one
>its all internal tools
>no OSL

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Looks slightly worse and a lot slower than Blender's internal render.

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you dont know what you are talking about. Puss In Boots: The Last Wish on 4k UHD blu ray is probably the best looking animated movie of all time.

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I wish I was joking and maybe that's why they're open sourcing it.

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Get Puss In Boots: The Last Wish on 4k UHD blu ray and watch on a 4k HDR tv.

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Do I need all that hardware to make it look better than Blender's internal render? I don't have it.

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>>no OSL
Yeah that's a bit of a downer. I wonder how hard it would be to write a compiler to target whatever they're using.

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Moonray for Blender (rendering addon) is in the works, it will come out soon (in ~1-15 years).

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>rendering addon
more like rendering fork because you can't have plugin renderers at all in blender

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Really? It's will be built-in, then. Maybe.

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AFAIK they need to finish Hydra support. Then they can use Hydra rendering delegate hdMoonray.

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what is renderman, for 10 pajeetollars

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