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I need some ideas on fucked up avatars I can create that will make people seethe, also feel free to share your creations

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Why do you want to make people seethe?

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>I need some ideas on fucked up avatars I can create that will make people seethe
Look in the mirror

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As someone who's never used VRChat, I'm curious, can you get banned or punished in any way for this or can you really just run around saying ywnbaw? Surprisingly based if the second option considering the grooming horror stories I've heard about on there.

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>can you get banned or punished in any way for this
You can report but I've never heard of people actually getting banned
>can you really just run around saying ywnbaw?
Yeah you can but most troons or butthurts will block you instantly, but you get a fair share of people who will just laugh or even join in and declare their disgust for the creatures. You might even get called based on the rare occasion.

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Don't waste your fuckin time just to have everyone block and votekick you within 0.3 microseconds fuckhead if you're gonna make any shit for VRChat make it appeal to the coomers and sell it for $60 on gumroad

you don't even need to be good at modeling shit, half of the top selling gumroad vrchat avatars are just slapped together other peoples work

this fucking model is $50 and has 200~ reviews, gumroad takes 10% sale fee. this retard has made 9000 fucking dollars 90% off of other people's work.

step up fuckass they're winning over you

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Because he's mentally i- I mean an epic troll of course.

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>tranny calling basedguy mentally ill.
irony manifest
Nice bait tho.

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It's ok OP you can stop replying to your own thread now.

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if someone is made to seethe by seeing the truth they deserve to be made to seethe

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I have more respect for trolls than you

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Not me. Dilate.

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>Troons and libs are in your head 24/7, rent free so hard that you spent your time on making a shitty VR avatar so you can (if lucky) make 0.0001% of the population seethe
bro... one day you'll grow up
only 4channers find funny the tranie basedjaks
normal people just have sex and don't play vr chat

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>normal people ... don't play vr chat
The goal isn't to troll normal people, retard.

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I'm this guy

ngl i kek'd

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Didn't happen until you post reactions.

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