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>Arrimus has restored a years worth of his content and is adding new content to youtube

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and AI made it all irrelevant

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>>fuck 3dsmax
>>fuck plasticity
which ones have zbrush from start to finish?

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why is every board infested with this shit
add links
explain who that is
explain why I should give enough of a shit to google it

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Something I always wanted to know...is Arrimus based?

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He had hidden all his videos to become a monk so probably

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He's giving away a lot of extremely useful information on modelling for free.
I've been in this game for >20 years and I've picked up a few tricks from casually eying his channel.

As someone who learnt this stuff in a time all we had were forum threads and written tutorials I do feel boomeresque disgust with
how spoiled newbies of today are in demanding to be spoonfeed information. But I also do remember how the old cunts felt that same way
about me when I was seeking clarity on topics asking them stupid questions in irc channels back in the day so I get it.

So yes, as a modelling he's pretty based. Don't know what that pulling all of his stuff and alleged 'going monk' BS was/is all about tho.

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>"As someone teaching you modelling", that is.

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Looks like he had some sort of personal crisis and got roped in by some 'Born Again Christian' cult of some flavor.
Guess he managed to escape their clutches, or perhaps the Koresh like figure running his cult learn't how much he was making off his youtube
and told him to reinstate them vids in the name of Je$u$.

I see a lot of Christ shit intermingled with them videos so it's prob the later.
Guess we oughta do a 'Arrimus Salvation Project' and make a torrent of all his vids before the Lord takes away what the Lord giveth.

>This is what happens when you install 3DCoat people.

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zoomers never had contact with forums and chatrooms are filled with obnoxious roleplayers
youtube is the only thing left for them, but unfortunately google invented this system of monetized views which completely destroyed internet culture

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don't care, he's a dickhead.
this comment is so absurdly dumb and unrelated that it qualifies as spam.

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Seems like a good opportunity to earn some passive income by selling tutorials and stuff. I'm preparing some content for marketplace for the first time because people keep asking me to buy it to learn. And I already provided detailed breakdowns, but in written form. Everyone seems to want video content, that's also something I may have to do one day. I'll see how how it goes.

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What's the point of watching ancient videos when you can just quickly reference from a topology book?

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There is a lot of nonsense surrounding topology. If you look at pic related, at the center point and you go around skipping every other vertex you can can see that although it's made of quads, that's still a 5-point patch. He just manually subdivided it and called it good. It would have been better if he left it as 5-point patch because if you subdivide it, then you're required to guess what the interpolator would have done and that's not something human intuition is very good at.
If you look closely you may be able to perceive that that point is misplaced for that reason.

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you have a learning disability

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One vertex to the left, it's the same situation. Still a manually subdivided 5-point patch with a poorly guessed point placed in the middle.

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Sorry if I'm criticizing your e-book.

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I never asked you to criticize my holy bible. I would like to see how you can manage to topologize a face without a 5 pole. I'm waiting Cris.

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5-point patches are necessary. Subdividing them manually and claiming they're quads is the mistake, Chris.

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I don't feel like getting too much into details here but just consider that an alternative to splitting a 5-point patch by adding a point in the middle is to use one quad and one triangle.

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Arrimus's workflow is outdated. All you need these days is zbrush for modeling.

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He needs to stick to max. I cringe at the sight of industry professionals applying industry standard muscle memory to blender LMAO.

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It's called an inset Jesus fucking Christ how retarded can you be

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I call it "a mistake"

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I must admit I have done much subdivision modeling in the last decade or so but with this new version 2.76b of Blender which just came out, 5-point patches seem to work just fine. So why not use them?

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Forgot pic related for >>940359

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that's optimal topology, kiddo.

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How is it optimal to use 4 quads, an arbitrary point and an useless support loop to represent a pentagon?
You've been cursed by poor quality Youtube tutorials an e-books but it's not too late. I've shown you the light of the 5 point patch.

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Can't trust anyone who uses blender to prove their point. Sorry Cris.

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>>Hard Surface & CAD
what about those?

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>Arrimus's workflow is outdated. All you need these days is zbrush for modeling.
you will never ever get accurate proportions or multiple viewports / cameras in zbrush

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Will Arrimus help me make something like pic related? Honest question.

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any other christian 3d modeling channels?

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>zoomers never had contact with forums and chatrooms are filled with obnoxious roleplayers
Worst of all, there's actually women on the internet now. Poor broccoli heads never had a chance.

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yep, since this channel have a focus on hard surface stuff, it will definitively help you
most of the techniques are software agnostic, so you can try with any 3d modeling program

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Nice bait

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Arrimus pretty much gave professional modelling tutorials for free until he purged his entire YouTube channel, the guy would take requests and even did retopologies of HL2 models.

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