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Anyone go to college for 3d animation? Was it worth it or no?

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I did, wasn't worth it at all for me, especially considering the debt, if I could go back in time I would have never done it, however at least 1 guy I went to school with works for Pixar now.

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Unless you are extremely talented and I'm talking one in a million level of talent or unless you have family or other connections that can get can get you through some door, don't bother. You will be participating in a lottery.
The "do what you love as a job" is a boomers meme. They were given such opportunity but they've enjoyed it, squandered it and left very little for us.
Keep you hobbies and your work separate.

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i think the poorly titled book "the e-myth" is about this. it was written in the 80s so the "e" is for entrepreneur not electronic. anyways, the thesis is that you shouldn't start a business doing what you love because you won't have any time to do it because you will be working on running the business full time and if you become successful you will just hire other people to do what you loved. i haven't actually read it but i did read a post summarizing it once somewhere and now so have you.

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I went to one college. They said it was for animation, but we only animated for a couple of weeks (really basic). It was more of a generalist school. This was in the early 2010s. Now I work in another industry (low paid) and want to go back to school for 3d, but to gnomon. Unfortunately, I dont have the cash

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I have never animated so.

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yeah, to clown college. they only teach blender, but it's worth it.

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>i haven't actually read it but i did read a post summarizing it once somewhere and now so have you.
2000s-2020s literary theory in a nutshell.

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