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>z is up, x is left, y is back
>have to make sure object has 90° on the x so it has 0 when exported in fbx
>has to have 0.01 scale so its 1 when exported in fbx

what the actual fuck, what were they thinking?
this shit is literally the worst
why would they do this? it's so incredibly inconvenient

honestly I'm considering doing my own 3d software because blender is so deadass annoying at this point and it's such a clusterfuck.
I bet I can do better

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Should we use this as the Bledner General? it has the logo and everything

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Sounds like all your complaints are just about the fbx exporter, you could fix this stuff in like 10 lines of python.
But by all means, create your own 3d software from scratch, that's probably the reasonable approach

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whoa dude, stop it with the complicated (((settings))) - I better keep rotating my scenes by 90° and scaling them randomly so my workflow doesn't have to change

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nigger that does jack all, axis info is included in the fbx file and unity corrects for that, and so does my game engine because by default the user should expect the thing to face the right way irrespective of how the fbx file was generated

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Never used blender, but I'm pretty sure you can change the axis in any 3d software.

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You can’t in Blender

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>z is up, x is left, y is back

...and? thats the most intuitive approach! i would say, anything else is retarded!

..oh, btw, blender is a free software that is made by people with passion for free software ... when you dont like blender, or how it works, use something else ..fucker!

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>>has to have 0.01 scale so its 1 when exported in fbx
wow literally something that takes 0000000.1 seconds to solve with a preset. im so fucking outraged bros, what the fuck were they thinkthonking

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>Y up
retard take

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z is up in goddamn math, you fucking brainlet. what was math thinking? is that what you're saying?

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>z is up in math
I'd love to know where you got this idea. Even if it's true, it's just a convention.
Maybe it's a useful convention that arose for a good reason, but it's not like it's inherent in the mathematics of 3d space that "z is up"

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how can i do the view snapping like in zbrush in sculpting mode in blender?

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You can hold alt and rotate to snap to the front/side views etc.

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thanks, but i do use emulate 3 button mouse for sculpting, any alternative for this?

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nvm i found a solution, i just need to add middle click on my pen, holding alt would work as snap even i use it on emulate 3 button mouse

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>middle click on pen
absolutely, I think everyone does this. Very comfy

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hows sfm render time? is it faster than eevee?

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>>z depth

fuck off blendlet

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