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This is 150 million 3D AAA next gen videogame.

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Go eat a lithium battery Chris. Eat shit and die.

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imagine putting this much carbon into the atmosphere to create and render 3d niggers

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I'm watching some gameplay footage of it and it looks horrible, what kind of people are creating these games? Can't believe where the money is being spent. Camera movements are cringe, it's like they never watched a single movie. Better not to talk about writing and dialogues. Even environment art which is usually okay even in shittiest games is barebones here.

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what game is this? I don't follow aaa game news anymore.

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Games are made by wannabe filmmakers who don’t actually watch movies or play games now. It’s sad.

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How do I make my game not look like this? Making a game in Unreal. Honest question. It can't just be the single directional light that causes all of these problems.

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the power of lumen

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i watched a couple random minutes of it on twitch. looked so much worse than in the promo videos. are the graphics hobbled on consoles or something? how can it look so much worse than the promos? the whole theme seemed kinda cringe too like a bunch rich white people and some focus groups came up with it.

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>full gameplay walkthrough on youtube is only eight hours
what the hell, they want $70?

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Fall for the Nanite and Lumen meme and do little to no optimization while hiring unqualified people that jump from gimmick to gimmick instead of actually learning a half decent workflow and techniques

also political nepotism

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Uff... where do I even begin.
The single dir. light is not at fault here thats for sure. Im making my own UE5 game with lumen and dare I say my shit looks significantly better.
I can notice that the shadows are extremely down which causes the most issues with the look here.
Not sure if thats just how the game is at top settings or if someone is trying to decieve us here by having the graphics settings at lowest. Also the contrast between the parts of the face that receive direct light vs those in the shadow looks off and too strong. Feels like there should be more indirect light.

The model itself has some issues too. The eyes look very generic and boring. They lack a certain detail that makes them look more alive. The lower lip hangs down a lot making the character look almost retarded, also showing most of the lower teeth which have been unconveniently messed up by the artsits.

The whole model doesnt really follow a proper artistic style. It just looks like the devs wanted to go as realistic as possible and their skills only were enough to add asymmetric imperfections and flaws )(because we are taught in school thats what makes a character realistic lol) while completely disregarding aesthetic harmony. Had they gone for a more stylized approach the overall appearence could have been much less unpleasant under those lighting conditions.

Anyway thats my 2 cents. Take from it what you will.

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>The lower lip hangs down a lot making the character look almost retarded,
FYI its actually an age thing, older you get the more you lower lip sags down like that, and the less upper teeth show you have as the upper lip also sags.
basically her mouth looks too old for her face causing a weird disconnect, caveat for maybe the character is rolling lower lip down mid-speech or something.

...what's the context here? if its just an NPC then its fine that she's not a looker, i mean yeah the lighting is awful but if you are going for an average looking female this isn't really that disharmonious of a face structure, not enough to warrant critique.

also lens distortion, fish eye lens looking ass thing here.

asymmetry does not make a character look realistic, its a large part of the equation, but often its pretty much just flows and distorts the face slightly in along one direction, and therefore can be done as a final touch. if i recall most people have a more dominant left side which is interesting, point being its just like every other facet of the human face that you need to get right and not the magic touch.

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>what the hell, they want $70?
That's going to be $80 + VAT sweetie, hope you will have fun :)

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Wtf was Square thinking when they did that?

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You don't know how bad things truly are.

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Which Oblivion mod is this?

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Square has been completely "Americanized" - in other words, its complete irredeemable garbage now.

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They literally have a mascot for trannies.

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That tweet is one of the most corporatist things I've ever seen. They just missed saying: "remember to buy my products, homosexuals".

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Tifa's milkers were perfectly sized to be honest.

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Perhaps, but she is supposed to have melons(巨乳), not oranges(美乳).

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Breasts are fine (32DDD as per Remake canon). It's the lack of muscle and tone that I have a problem with.

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its the main character

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Shamfur dispray Toshi.

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In retrospect, this wasn't that bad.

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>Remake canon
As approved by the Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion council.

We were all robbed. Rubbish.

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I get what you mean, but it is still the ugliest Link ever.

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>but it is still the ugliest Link ever.
not anymore

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hire only white men

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>Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion council
In my studio I will never waste precious funds for this sort of bullshit role. Only based devs with the goal to produce beauty and quality.

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The combat is what carries this game. Definitely not enough to call it AAA or nextgen though. But if it were to go on like a 80% sale I'd buy it.

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Should have been a 32J with a very slightly more muscular body.
We were truly mugged.

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Tried the demo and lasted a minute in game horrible combat bland visuals runs like shit terrible writing and voice acting

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>How do I make my game not look like this?
Disavow sanctimonious identity politics. There is no doubt that this is intentionally bad to avoid "the male gaze". Someone probably tried to add a constant eye highlighter and got called out for muhsoggyknee. Bright sun and dark sky is also a queasy combo, even if it's meant to be alien world or whatever. Mainly though this is just terrible rigging.

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130million in marketing
20 million in production

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What the fuck happened to Square Penis?

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Ballinzka is cute af but her model looks like shit, specially when she emotes

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Why is this shit infecting Myurica??? Aren't they less than 5%???

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GOP says fags are bad. So Dems say fags are good. Blacks say fags are bad but vote Dem so by default 50% of America loves fags at any given time.

Moral of the story is two-party system leads to faggotry.

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Trannies, women and onions faggots

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/pol/ shit

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Am I missing something? This game didn't use UE5.


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did your feelings get hurt? again?

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Did you stop beating your wife?

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This is why people think artists are fucking dumb. Imagine getting confused because of similar words

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>Topic about the state of 3D in a recent AAA game
>Somehow it's /pol/ shit
Just go back to your containment board

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Maybe it's because I'm a zoomer, but I think toon link has the best design of all of them.

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You have a really poor sense of aesthetics.

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Jews ruined gaming all we can look forward to is hidden gems from Asia and some indie games that isn't plagued by LGBT shit

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