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How shit is it lads?

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Too true

heres the head so far

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looks good as first sculpt but you should keep the body in several meshes to resize, something like this, you need to work more with references too.

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looks like my first attempt. even went with the same color material.

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Ill give that a try
Ive resized him a litle

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what da lats doin?

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>No nipples.

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nice fertile hips bro

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how did you get a reference of my body?

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if you want the ramus that low you gotta make the chin the classic big pointy devil chin otherwise it looks like jowls. it looks like an old grandfather in tighty whities right now.

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It is coverd by a beard, but i certainly take your point

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>chinlet devil grows beard to compensate
this is hilarious please keep the old chin

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That’s why all beards are grown, no?

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he's bald too so its like double the cope.

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He looks hot with a beard

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>people tend to create what they think is beautiful
>he starts out by sculpting what will probably end in a hardcore gay scene instead of a beautiful female
keep going, this might get really embarrassing

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You did good OP. You've got the hard part out of the way, you just need need anatomy and aesthetics.

You can ignore the retards from other boards trying to make fun of you, they're like retard women at the gym. They'll always be here laughing instead of making.

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Ninja Turtle body

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Meshes equal layers right?

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a mesh is just a single 3d object, they are called tools in Zbrush, depending on what you are working on it is good to keep the the things that way, you can retopo and make polygroups too but it is more advanced, after I have all sculpted I save that just in case I want to add variations and I merge and clean everything, I could need to do retopology if i want to add more detail, to paint it or to do animations or just decimate it if I'm doing models to print.

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Better than my first sculpt. Keep it up, Dude.

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