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CEO of stability.gg just said they hopefully start working on 3D generation in Q2 of this year.

So, hopefully in 10-12 weeks from now.

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fuck off cris

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Put a bullet through your head, Cris

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fuck off, cris.

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It can't come soon enough.

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Please fuck off you are not welcome in /g/ let us jeets deal with this.

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fuck off cris

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Cris is the resident schizo. His crab-in-the-bucket mentality keeps him from becoming good but it doesn't keep him from trying to pull everyone else down.

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so he's basically condensed and refined /3/?

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His pixel art looks okay, should've stuck with that imo.

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Bitch just give me the funds and I'll pay a visit to Chris's house in Jamundi.

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Fuck off cris

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He refuses to stick with pixel art because it takes too much time to draw every frame, even though he spends years trying to find as many shortcuts as possible at the cost of making the shittiest art imaginable. Imagine how many games he could’ve actually finished if he never started this never-ending race to the bottom.

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Will you be driving truck, or operating a forklift?

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kill yourself cris

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If you were into 3DCG you'd know that modelling is a chore. If you tell me that we are gonna have a 3D model generator, that means I can make animations and all sort of stuff with less effort. I want it now.

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