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I want to get into 3DCG to make things that look like they're straight outta the late 80s / early 90s
What should I read or watch to learn?

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1) study 3D straight outta the late 80s / early 90s
2) replicate
it's just that simple

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>go to youtube
>blender PS1 rendering
simple as

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Get a late 80s/early 90s computer and software from that time. Be a 3D Thor Hyerdahl.

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what wouldve been common at the time?

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Stratavision 3d

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Just prompt it. Don't bother learning any principles.

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silicon graphics workstation running alias power animator
might be hard to find and expensive

this has the benefit of running on regular desktop macs of the time
not sure where you'd find the software now tho

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i use 3ds max 1.0

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I have a tutorial on this, check it here, Its a WIP:https://dongab22.neocities.org/

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post some of your work

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This is my tutorial mate. Why are you asking? Here you go anyway. The first time using strata blitz 1.75

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if you're looking to create something like that then you don't have to watch or learn anything.

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Pretty neat anon. My neighbor has a mac se, if I could find a copy of Stratavision 3D I'd follow your tutorial. It appears to be vanishingly rare though, not on ebay or marketplace at all.

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Remember to limit yourself during lessons, only 5mb worth of space, no free assets you have to make it yourself, low screen size otherwise computer will crash, etc.

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Yeah I had to use Mac repo and burn it on a CD-RW. Tutorials are just as hard to come by as well.I had look around a bit for these (such as yahoo auctions) The tutorial with the apple wasn't good enough. So I have use a lot of Google lens to translate and ask my brother for translations

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Pic for reference. Some of the books I had to buy to understand the software

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Wrong image

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those look fun
any good art within?

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The strata star book is pretty great. The others are pretty good. They do a pretty good job of explain how to make faces and characters

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Strata studio 2.5

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Why can’t people just emulate it on a virtual machine?

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No windows version and the download Mac version you find can only run on Mac hardware or trick it into thinking it's on Mac with emulators but it's never recommended.

You are better off buying the windows CD version than finding a real digital copy.

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