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*Sniiiiiffff* Hhhhwats up guys?! It's Justin here with thhhheeeeeeeee CGessentialsdotcom back with another blender tutorial

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the german guy from CGCookie has such an annoying accent I couldn't handle it for more than 5 minutes

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For me it's CGMatter with his 90 second tutorials that are 60 seconds of ads

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I actually like his tutorials but I hate how he basedfaces in the thumbnails.

permanently have them blacklisted because of their shitty background music loops and chris bailey's insufferable face

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SouthernShotty is comfy and useful.

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Why us he wearing a cap inside?

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he's balding

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He always reminded me of the Zucc for some reason.

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That's harsh. He might not be handsome, but he at least looks human.

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It's true, you guys really use ANYTHING as excuse to not learn and rather spend time posting about how your software of choice is better

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when you start watching a series of tutorials and you start catching a pattern of such annoying gimmicks, it becomes unbearable to watch, I agree with OP

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one of the flippednormal dudes talks like he's sniffing his own farts
godawful tuts too

OP guy has one or two useful vids

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How is no one mentioning this chad?

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>flippednormals said Blender isn’t industry standard
>godawful tuts
Fuck off cris

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This guy and Jayanam are great for learning blender

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i'll say though that blenderguru is unironically godtier

to the point, fast, thorough, articulate, perfect amount of wit, all that despite his faggy voice

who even argues that blender isnt industry standard?

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Blender Guru is a /pol/ chud

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i can't tell who looks more autistic. zuckerberg or mind the tooth-gap.

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gonna cry, fag?

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I loved how that initially smug retard closed down her (his?) Twatter in butthurt after getting some mild blowback

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this pic is killing me, he makes me think of a groomed caveman

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3d artists are either ugly or indian.

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holy fucking kek

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He read the thread on /3/ about her in the video response, hilarious.

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see >>934646

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dude this guy looks like the missing link.

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>Blender Guru is a /pol/ chud
not an argument

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