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oh ny god
why its so frustrating to sculpt proper aesthetically pleasing face

>> No.934257

also, is it cool to sculpt in orthographic mode?

>> No.934258

it's not bad anon. except for the nose

>> No.934260

looks good so far.

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Sir please where did you get Zbrush from, whenever I get free versions of paid software my pc gets aids

>> No.934269

u just started. please put in a few hundred hours before becoming depressed
just live with the aids

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Torrents. The eastern Europe style

>> No.934354

humble-bragging, on possibly the most talentless 3d-related board on the web, is almost incomprehensibly pathetic. you're just a tiny step away from sending your WIP to your fucking mom or estranged aunt. kys dude

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post your work

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you _don't_ have a sound grasp on anatomy. You are not going to make it without study...

>> No.934363

what? You still even havent started. You just blocked out the features.
Keep going.

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