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Left or right?

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>SOVL vs Soulless

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Right is just a basic toon shader. No vertex normals control or normal maps control of shadows. Looks like shit.

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Right 1000 times. Anybody saying left is a hopeless idiot and won't make it.

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This butt left.
Only a melanin enriched individual would think otherwise.

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they both look like shit honestly

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I'm not a fan of either of them tee bee H.
If I had my way, a mix between the two could be nice. There's no rule saying a toon shader can't have texture. The problem with BotW is that the lack of texture kind of makes a lot of things look really low res, but the models themselves don't really make up for it much. There's definitely some texture there, and they look painted, but they don't really seem to go all in on it, which is disappointing.
Even some normal maps to affect the shading would have been a nice addition.

If I were forced to pick one of them, I'd go for the left. Just because texture adds more of an outlet for artistic expression than slapping on a toon shader without doing much else with it.

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I'm pretty sure they chose that graphical style in order to minmize color use and save RAM; no? For example, when you activate two player mode in Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, you can tell two downgrades right away:

the frame rate is 30 fps instead of 60
the amount of colors are reduced

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I don't doubt it, but in terms of "what I prefer", I gave my answer.
Besides, I feel like the WiiU/Switch was a bit beefier than it was given credit for, and could pull off textures in a single player game.
Other Switch games manage 60fps just fine, and LoZ was never really expected to run that fast anyway (OOT was 24fps if I remember right). Though Hyrule Warriors is something else I think, so I guess that should run 60.
2 player mode downgrading the game has been par for the course in almost every console game though, it's kind of to be expected when you have to render things twice. Except in games where you share a camera.

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left looks a thousand times more brapable

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Imagine animating left Zelda's ass. Imagine working late at office, on a game that'll sell millions, and putting in the finishing touches to make Zelda's butt look squishy and flabby.

I've been working in this business for videogame companies, and OP pic, especially the left one is 100% animator mischief guaranteed. You have to rig the model and animate it like that by hand. What I mean is that it's done 100% on purpose.

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Right looks so soulless that I can feel the coldness of low effort and lack of enthusiasm radiate from it

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