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What's the largest object you've proportionally rendered? inb4 muh dick

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Your mother

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I once rendered Aldebaraan in real scale. It was so big the file was like 900kb.

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This is to scale, the whole landscape is about 2x2km. Size is not too difficult to deal with, but there are some weird camera settings you have to pay attention to in some DCCs

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I made the earth in lightwave 8
I dont have the file anymore, this was in like 2005

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just out of curiosity, how big was the file?

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It was probably a few hundred MB or so. My PC only had 768 MB RAM so the textures couldn't have been too big or I couldn't render it (I did use HDD swap a lot back then, I couldn't imagine doing that at all now even with SSD, just too slow). I used image files from NASA; they had images of global cloud cover, height map, surface reflectivity, nighttime lights, and such. I did a search just now and they still host images like that

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That's still pretty sick, man. Would you consider tackling on a project like that again if you felt the hardware capabilities were more suited?

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Made an SL/VRC model for a macrofur.

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I'm assuming this is your fetish

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