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I want an extremely detailed birds eye view of the second destruction of the temple during the roman siege of jerusalem to celebrate every August 4th, mainly as a rebuttal to that h3h3 kike mock crucifying Jesus this coming Christmas...Cost is no issue, can anyone assist?

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Why do you care about h3h3...

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How much would it cost you to get some fucking perspective you faggot

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It would probably be ~1 month of work, unless you want a lot of custom animations, like close up choreographed battles etc, which can make it more expensive.
seething kikes, keklmao

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Good luck getting your revenge porn made nigger

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Ethan is a faggot, why would you spend even a single dollar on anything having to do with him? How can you call him "seething" when you're apparently willing to spend hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars to "own him"? God damn, anon.

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based patron of the arts

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>extremely detailed
Around 20k

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Hi, I am Sanjay Khatun and I can do the work in 2 weeks for 50$, you can be sure that your project will be in good hands, I have 17 years of experience in the industry.

If the cost seems very high we can discuss it and reach an agreement.

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are you that alexander the great schizo?

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