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Hello 3D bros.
I'm planning to make a little game but the premise requires there to be a shit ton of different kinds of doors like ANYTHING on the hinges
Basically starting from regular ass doors to vault doors
It doesn't have to be hyper realistic.
Where do I look? I'm broke so buying shit is out of question
Hoping to get lucky and get a kind anon to send me Doors.zip

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>Where do I look?
basic modeling tutorial
basic sculpting tutorial
basic texturing tutorial

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if you're broke maybe you should consider getting a job or a second job instead of picking up a hobby

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I don't have time for this, I'm already learning a ton of shit. Why do I have to do EVERYTHING by my own like a retard when I can use help of a 3D modeler who already knows everything.
No shit?
That's not a hobby, I want game dev to be my job.
Working at McDonalds doesn't look like good contribution to achieving my dream.

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Is Door Punch: The Anime: The Game becoming a reality?

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>I want game dev to be my job.
>cannot even make a door
>has no money
>hoping to "get lucky" with free handouts


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>no skill
learn it
>"""no time"""
buy it
>no money
just give up

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Haha yooo I'm going to do exactly this.
Planning for it to be a clicker door destroyer where you start off weak as shit and get progressively stronger and use different kinds of tools and shit.

Dude. Good roast but I know Blender enough to model a door.
The problem is that I need a lot of them and by the time I make 30th model I won't have any motivation to actually develop a game.

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What if there's someone here who is practicing 3d modeling and wants exaclty to make a bunch of easy shit.
If not, it's fine. At least I tried asking.

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Just make a working game with placeholders and then slowly replace them with finished models
You can't get motivated for your "dream" in gamedev, why would someone get motivated to work for free? (except jannies, ofc)

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I was more referring to the /a/ meme but ok.

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>The problem is that I need a lot of them and by the time I make 30th model I won't have any motivation to actually develop a game.

Are you under the impression that developing a game is quick?

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Make a prototype with less door variety. Randomize the color or w/e if you need to.
Just draw doodle versions to represent the doors, or use Stable Diffusion to generate a bunch of door textures and stick them in a giant atlas, then generate normal and roughness maps of the atlas with Material Maker (very easy to do).

Don't get hung up on a requirement for a huge variety of final quality doors lol, you need to get some gameplay working and then determine if it's worth pursuing and paying some money for art.

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