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Are mocap suits worth it ? Is retargeting hard? Whats better - hand keying with Animbot or mocapping with a suit and retargeting and adjusting?

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What do you want it for?
you are asking too broad of a question.

for speed for video games/vfx? mocap is better yeah.
for animated movies keyframing is better.

it depends on your requirement

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how is kinect for animations? would it be worth it to use it?

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I saw some videos about apps that can capture mocap data from a recording without any suits,etc. Was that real or what?

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its fake

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Yes, you can do suit-less mocap with 3D cameras. Not regular cameras, they specifically have to be made to measure distance. The Microsoft Kinect is, by far, the cheapest on the market. You generally need three of them for a good full-body capture.

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