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>been on this board for almost a decade
>zero progress on getting a full-time job doing 3dcg
>no freelancing, contract work, or part-time jobs either
Who /eternalprocrastinator/ here?

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7 years in a row of nothing done with my life here
will start tomorrow

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it isn't that hard anon.. just think what you want for your portfolio, make 3 renders and apply for a job

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Me, been here for a year or so, wanted to learn 3d for 6 years soon. Tried Blender 2/3 times but stopped because I wasn't instantly a god. At least I manage to motivate people around me to do things they're supposed to.
Brother stop listening to the bitchy voice in your head, it's never gonna get better if you don't do anything, time is a precious resource, you never get it back. Use it to make little step by little step to create distance from people you don't like. Over time the little steps will become big steps and just by doing it every day you'll get a result compared to doing nothing everyday. We can do it anon, it's never too late

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