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Is there a way to delete vertices you can't select in Blender, I looked everywhere on Youtube and can't find anything on the topic. I'll ask /3/ later on. I post the same thread on /v/ because faster, still not getting want I need.

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What vertices can you not select and why?
Are you in edit mode?
Did you hide parts of the geometry (in edit mode)?
Why can't you post this in the blendlet thread?

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I figure it out, check the /v/ thread if really want to know.

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At least put a link to said thread for fucks sake

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Why? The problem was hidden vertices.

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It was a nothing burger thread.

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so what, you pressed alt+h while in edit mode to make them visible again?
I'm asking just in case someone with the same problem stumbles upon this thread.

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I just went to the Object tab and went down to the show/hide options then I press the show hidden objects option, it turns out I was pressing h to "delete" the unwanted vertices but they keep showing up when I go to object view, completely messing up my Oppai loli's ass and Armpit and tit area.

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Absolute fucking retard. Never start a thread again you dumb nigger.

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Fuck off, I literally started a week ago.

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thanks for the addition anon

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