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I got a final realization lads.

What happens if I take the eyes from the cinematic style the hair and head of the main character, the clothes and hands and feet of the secondary character and the limbs and and props of the character using the npc style?

Serious question.

I may make later this idea and provide with something, measuring the total cost of development.

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you know what you should do? get a gopro, attach it to your chest or a helmet, take long walks through the city, interact with as many people as possible and just put that shit on youtube.

considering how balls-to-the-wall fucking insane you are it's basically guaranteed to bring you a following.

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Nah, what I want is develop an entire workflow to cheaply made AAA anime shit with the cost of a minecraft style.

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You should kill yourself before some work takes me to Jamundi and I search for you.

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>cheaply made AAA
well you nailed the cheaply made part, that means you're 50% there (after what? ten years?). just keep pushing, bro.

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>5 threads are not enough
What you find so funny about larping as criss?

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>cheaply made AAA anime shit
thanks for the laugh cris

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You're missing the ones where I don't use frogs and use normal pictures.

>but you're spamming the board
Spamming what?

Making a fucking thread every 2 weeks is not spamming, dumbass.

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>Making a fucking thread every 2 weeks is not spamming, dumbass.
yes it is, because
(1) all of your content is so minimal that it belongs in QTDDTOT or WIP
(2) all your threads are virtually identical

you are an annoyance and i wish you a painful and humiliating disease.

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those are only the threads you can guess.

and guess what.
half the threads right now are mine, like the ones about new releases of multiple tools.

so, make fucking threads or something.
don't complain about the board being dead and not using it.

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everyone complains about the state of the board, so take the fucking hint and stop annoying people needlessly.

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are you the pajeet shitting on blender and india all day?

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just ignore my threads then.

make a filter or something.

I just can't change my brain neurology to become a diferent being.
I'm just me and I can't change being myself.

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>I just can't change my brain neurology to become a diferent being.
I see that as proof that you are a literal NPC. conscious people are capable of self-reflection and can change.
I'm whiter than snow, abdelwahad

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but why not simply ignore my threads?

use 4chan x filter if I bother you so much.

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shitty people should be attacked and destroyed, not tolerated.

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>I'm whiter than snow, abdelwahad
post hand

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Let's be serious.

I was born without talent.
I don't have talent.
And I'm slow to learn.
I may be retarded.

I will get stronger, and I wont quit.


You may be better.
But I will get to a point where you will KNEE.

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life is not anime, there is no hero's journey, you will run out of time.

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Anyone has stopped to think that Chris is one of those legless, dickless mutants that is confined to a wheelchair and the only thing that gives solace to its miserable half-life is 3d and shitposting on 4chan

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There's undoubtedly something wrong with him. Precisely what is anyone's guess.

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AI will replace you before you find your workflow

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Don't be a complete nigger.
He's shitposting, lmao.

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>i was born without talent
no you're a mentally stunted fuck who can't break away from his own programming to become anything other than mentally deficient. stuck in the MAIN loop that is his brain.
please change or kys.
>i will get stronger
by nigger brute force?
bashing your skull against the wall.
STOP and observe the options of the situation. you are in a brainloop like a shitty program written by a linxckuck who thinks using linux and vim makes him a superior programmer.
a nigger chooses to give in to his insecurities and keep bashing his skull against the brick wall because he is afraid of being wrong.

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