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Remember that this is your reality. Self-alleged industry tryhard anons need not continue to lie to themselves.


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fuck off cris

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The name is Bolivar but fuck you too roodypoo

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It's all just a race to bottom of who can churn out good enough results in the least amount of time. Nobody cares how you do it only what you produce in the allotted time and it's the same in every saturated industry.

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>non rigged, non animated, non integrated with real actors, non going along with the IP's theme

yeah, its a nothingburger

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That would read terribly at a distance. Why do they keep making these blob monsters.

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only thing that matters is the youtube thumbnail
look at how detailed it is! nevermind that it was just a daz mesh that they mindlessly stroked on top of for a couple of minutes! statistically, you're not going to do anything in the tutorial anyway, you're just watching it because you're NGMI too!

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>hello guys, a couple of youtube 3d faggots who can't speak english properly here. we found out how to take a premade basemesh and sculpt some shit on it
>guys it's really fast and easy to sculpt when you start off with half the work already done by someone else

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