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Do you love me?

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Shaggy? Is that you?

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reduce chin significantly, look up anime mouth shapes (not stylized enough) and it will be pretty damn good.

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oh and also post in the WIP thread, because you're not fucking special.

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#1: Digital art is not real art and has no collector value. It's fungible and you can cheat in making it, so it doesn't show the struggles and experiences of the artist.
#2: Being distinctive is important, if the artist cannot be recognized by the way they painted the painting is of low value. Artstation is generic and all blends to each other.
#3: Most of the shit on artstation is escapist garbage, and just like genre fiction is almost entirely trash for YA-brained ADHD brainrot patients, so is escapist painting. Doesn't help that half of the fans of it are manchild chuds.

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anon I know that you were molested as a child but this is not the thread to spill your grievances

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#4 Nerves have been hit

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>It's fungible and you can cheat in making it
so exactly like an oil painting, then, thank you.
>#2: Being distinctive is important,
>Artstation is generic
ironically that is an incredibly generalizing statement.
>#3: (...)
this is just psychobabble to me. you throw around words with too little context.

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No it's me El Hermano

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you're a poo-indian unironically trying to get into pixar, aren't you? did we speak on the phone the other day when """interpol""" wanted to know my bank account number?

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>you're a poo-indian
Only indians say this shit

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only a poo-indian would know that

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No this is me:


I think everyone not in the industry has no skin in the game and should have their perpetual licenses revoked by Maxon. You should kiss their feet for being merciful.

Real question is do you love me?

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Go low poly to fit Toriyama's shitty style. Some 2D just doesn't translated well to 3D.

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this, the giant forehead really makes it look right

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>literally has no knees

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>low poly
I want this meme to die already, but I know it's going to be around for at least 10 years.

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Not happening so long as mobile gaming keeps being a thing.

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>he wants an ever increasing poly count.

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With mobile gaming it actually makes sense, but I mean PC games where the graphics don't have to be shit, but decide to be for "stylistic" reasons. Mostly Quake-era inspired boomer shooters and crap that mimics PS1 graphics for nostalgia.

Really, I was sick of retro pixel art back in 2010, and felt that almost any game made with them ever since could have been just as good, if not better with high resolution sprites instead. The low-poly fad is only now starting to replace it, so I expect the fad will last about as long.

The only games that really need primitive graphics are games with a lot of shit going on under the hood like Dwarf Fortress. But most of the games that use it are and will be because the developers don't know shit about optimization.

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You and I know that "low poly" and "retro" are merely excuses for zoomer devs to avoid learning how to make a model that looks good. Call me when those fuckers make models on the same league as Capcom, Square and other did during the PSX age.

>Dwarf Fortress
See, you can have 500+ NPCs running around in UE5 right now. People don't know shit about multi-threading.

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>merely excuses for zoomer devs to avoid learning how to make a model that looks good.

>People don't know shit about multi-threading.
My point was that a lot of the game developers now aren't actually programmers, they're just stringing games together from Unity tutorials and probably don't even know what multi-threading is.

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That's really inspiring. It just goes to show that the creativity crab boards are far removed from reality. People like Ben can get away with anything these days while some of you get dragged down by crustacean induced imposter syndrome into a bucket of misery and maybe homelessness.

Just to point out a few things, the bottom of the shirt is what you get when you play around with making clothes for the first time; just pull down chunks of sphere like wads of gun with the move tool. It even looks like the top half of a dynameshed sphere. To top it off it draws your attention by obscuring belt with what looks like a sweater made of melting rubber. There's negligible compression in the sleeves and jeans (in a male dbz character no less) to the point that it looks like he applied a basic color fill to the legs. It's a real lazy piece of work.

So remember that when you feel that cloud of self-doubt raining on you, remember the Ben De Garrison nodded his head and put that in his Art Station portfolio considering it a finished piece. Pixologic had him do a presentation on how to make this cal-arts version of 17 with the silhouette of some toon town homosexual theatre student.

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