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>We’re excited to announce that Unreal Engine 5.1 is now available. With this release, we’ve built upon the groundbreaking feature set introduced in UE5, making it more robust, efficient, and versatile for creators across all industries. As part of this effort, we’ve been stress-testing the engine against different workflows, making it applicable to more sectors.

>We’ve laid the groundwork for the Lumen dynamic global illumination and reflections system, the Nanite virtualized micropolygon geometry system, and Virtual Shadow Maps (VSM) to support games and experiences running at 60 fps on next-gen consoles and capable PCs, enabling fast-paced competitive games and detailed simulations to run without latency. Lumen now supports the Two-Sided Foliage shading model, by gathering lighting from the backface and scattering it through the leaf, attenuated by the material's Subsurface Color.

>Meanwhile, Nanite has also been updated with a Programmable Rasterizer to allow for material-driven animations and deformations via World Position Offset, as well as opacity masks. This exciting development paves the way for artists to use Nanite to program specific objects’ behavior, for example Nanite-based foliage with leaves blowing in the wind.

>In this release, we’ve continued to enhance tools for building massive open worlds with additional functionality and improved workflows. World Partition now supports Large World Coordinates, enabling you to create massive open worlds without loss of precision.

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can you animate stuff like cutscenes in unreal?

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yes, creating a level sequencer allows you to acess a lot of animation tools, control rig is great

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They finally fixed Lumen's shitty reflections.

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Unity bros.... It's over.....

Nah, it has been over for years lol. Just sad I didn't invest time into learning Unreal's programming side of things instead of Unity's. Now I can do art in one and gamedev in other, shit sucks.

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didn't you see deadmau5 using ue5 to animate videos for his live shows on twitch last week? the guy dancing while the cat bounces on its ass? looks like he never uploaded them after. oh well. anyways, it looked like a cut scene to me.

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Not really, it works with translucent materials in software mode but you still need hardware raytacing to have proper reflections

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To be fair programming in Unreal is fucking dogshit. I wish they'd just make Mono ship with Unreal and get rid of blueprints since programming with C++ in Unreal is like pulling teeth.

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Fuck... I just realized that.

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Please give me an example of something you tried to program in Unreal C++ and couldn't

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use jetbrains rider dude. doing it with visual studio, vscode, or worst of all xcode is what makes it ass. can't wait till epic releases their new language to the public though. apparently it's going to be some geeky functional shit in the tradition of haskell?

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Isn't it paid? I hate the fact you have to pay for intellisense to work.

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Why are eggheads masturbating so much to functional crap lately when most of the people making video games are more comfortable with OOP? Feels like a huge change just for the sake of it.

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if you like unreal shit, you should check out this book that just came out like a week ago.

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>can't wait till epic releases their new language to the public though
source on this? Kind of pissed cause I just spent a couple of months learning C++

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Unreal Verse seems like a no-brainer to me considering the direction Epic is going in. Apparently it's coming out next year, maybe we will hear some news about it until the end of this year. Can't wait. BPs are fine but I'd prefer code. On the other hand creating mechanics in C++ is such a mess and everything seems unnecessarily complicated for what you're trying to achieve, when you compare it to Unity's C#. Prototyping in it is almost as fast as Unreal's BPs, except it's not spaghetti. If Verse experience becomes similar to coding in Unity, it will be perfect.

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Nanite foliage is the only thing that matters to me.

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I wonder if this will actually change anything. Do we all suddenly start creating movie quality foliage with hundreds of thousands of tris or no? I'm currently in the middle of the foliage based project and am thinking if I should just start doing trees with a VFX workflow or stick to cards.

This is a weird thing as I don't know if other engines have or will have similar technologies at some point in near future, because workflows could drastically change for Unreal but remain the same for other engines, which would be confusing. Suddenly as an artist you're supposed to know 2 completely different workflows depending on which engine you're gonna work with.

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heres a protip coming from someone who makes games :

>make games, not foliage
>focus on gameplay, not lumen or foliage

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Most retarded post of this month, congrats.

Also >>/agdg/

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heres another free protip
>unreal is a game engine
>this is a thread about game engines

go back to first grade, go directly to first grade, kid

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Here's hoping the new Unreal scripting language will compile faster than the C++. That's the main thing that stopped me from migrating from Unity.
Iteration is just so much faster in Unity.

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Unreal is much more than a game engine lol. Stop trolling. We're on /3/, not on /g/ or /v/. We're talking about art here and you come in acting smart and saying gameplay is more important. No shit, but we're not game designers, let us focus on our area and go bother someone else.

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your shit engine takes 4 or more hours each and every time you want to compile on the top of the line consumer CPU - 12900k while unity takes less than a minute. Your engine is fucking awful !

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trying too hard

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people like you make the internet a much worse place

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Nothing is impossible to make in Unreal just like nothing is impossible to make in Unity or O3DE. The problem is Unreal adds unnecessary amounts of bloat to your C++ code.

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yea! control rig is getting better and better, and slowly adding even more features to the sequencer, cloth simulation still sucks imo but we have marvelous designer for that i guess

don't think you need to compile anything for rendering or animating anyway, i suppose most we would ever need for animation can be driven by blueprints, i also rather avoid things that needs the editor in simulate mode for animating, but sometimes its much easier i have to say

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>unreal is a game engine

Not entirely anymore, not even close. It's moved far beyond just gaming. It's also a real-time 3D engine for film, architecture, broadcast, automobiles, and just about anything else you can imagine. Even Epic themselves rarely refer to Unreal Engine as a "game engine" anymore as they've been branching it out across so many different non-gaming industries over the last couple of years.







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Is the AMD RX 6900 XT a good GPU for UE5? I really want to get off this GTX 1060 which always runs out of VRAM in UE5 and slows to a crawl, so I want something with enough VRAM headroom to not have to worry.

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Are 3d porn animators using UE yet? Wouldn't it be far superior to blender?

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*takes hours to compile at any change

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compiling only takes long if you are doing changes to a actor with a huge reference chain since it needs to load each one, or if the material is too complex
the later being more common for animating, but only when you are editing your main shader or something like that, applying changes to your material instances is extremely fast most of the time as long your scripting isn't terrible

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thats not been my experience or the experience of many other developers. Compiling takes a very long time, period.

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Here is what a simple multiplayer system looks like (incomplete).



Unreal C++ is cancer.

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imagine having to work on this and each and every time you make a change having to wait hours to recompile

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what does that have to do with anything retard? realtime as in vs prerendered pixar movies

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>can make 2 changes a day to your code maximum, no matter the hardware
i am laughing AT you

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Go back to your board codemonkey. No one here is programming shit.

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okay that looks terrible what

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This is literally what you need to do for multiplayer. You have to create your delegate functions, declare the delegates, create the delegates then create the delegate handles. The syntax is all extremely long and confusing.

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Imagine this combined with the fact code completion doesn't even work without some paid IDE.

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Well, that's one point of view, I would disagree but whatever
Mate, you just copy pasted some boilerplate code which already runs under the hood... What's your point? It's 142 lines of setup which is already being done by UE if you don't use a custom multiplayer subsystem. That's not how a simple multiplayer system looks like. It's not even beginning to scratch the surface. Try taking a look at the ACharacter and APawn, and UCharacterMovementComponent. There you'll see some thousands of lines of code which is where the real magic happens, that is basic movement replication, network prediction, interpolation and so on. Multiplayer games are hard to make, it's a given.
Asinine statement, compile times are under a minute, if you don't use live coding or hot reloading that is. In my experience they can be pretty buggy so I tend to avoid them.
No, again, it's really not what you need to do for multiplayer... And what's so hard about delegates anyway?
What are you on about? I have used UE with Visual Studio 2017, 2019, and 2022 Community Edition, they all worked fine
Compiling as in C++ code or building the lighting?
Here's a tip, get the binary version of UE, don't compile it from source

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To render their animations? Very likely.
To animate their renders? No. Animating using control rig and sequencer is in every single possible way worse than using something like blender, motionbuilder or cascadeur. It's meant for quick tweaking, not for creating full animations. It's very simple to just import animations from the software I mentioned into UE. No reason to use it to animate.

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Explain what a delegate does and explain what a delegate handle does. And explain why custom delegates need to be forward declared.

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Literally what is stopping you from the new Livecoding feature?

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Yup. Sequencer actually got some cool new features.

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>Unity is being destroyed by it's owners
>Unreal has problems with input delay, shader compilation and programming
What should I do, /v/?

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Too difficult to set up, plus 8 fuckin' GBs of download, whereas Blender is 300MB.

Considering how there's animators still using Source Filmmaker, I think Blender is still the best balanced choice. Or maybe Blender + some other renderer, like Marmoset Toolbag.


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