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This is my current level of pixel art made from 3D as of last 2 days.

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Unironically the best thing you've ever made, cris. It seems like spending some time on /ic/ instead of this god-awful board did something for you.

>> No.919136

It looks fine, but it's pretty low contrast.
You should check out what cartoons like the Boondocks and the Proud Family do to make their niggas easy to see despite everything being dark as fuck

>> No.919145

Cris? is that you?
you've grown, I am proud of ya

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bros... cris is growing too powerful...

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>I'm worse than Cris now
Fuck. I got too cocky.

>> No.919171

Maybe, you're still better than him in the sense that you're not making 1235236 fucking new threads every day.

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Cris, congratulations.
This is actually good.

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you are all putting too much faith in cris, if this even is cris. if this is cris, he's stolen a model and put a pixel art filter on it.

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steal a model and then put a pixel art filter if is so easy then, faggot.

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Can you post more pictures, Cris? It actually looks great.

>> No.919242

okay nevermind it is cris and he did steal the model to put a pixel filter over it

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damn bro, no need to get defensive, it should be really easy for you to show us the model and how you did this since you made it right? I mean you always show us the creative process for your other awful garbage, it should be easy for this right?

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It definitely was made by cris. I pulled this right off of his twitter and it seems exactly like something he would make. I think you guys may just be in denial that cris somehow managed to surpass your modeling capabilities.

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way to go chris :D

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this is actually good

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I think he made a bet with another anon to make a game. I think the deadline is in early February.

>> No.919303

still a blocky piece of shit. When Can you ditch this pixel ngmi style and go for something high realistic?

>> No.919328

It's blocky, low detailed shit with low contrast colours that make everything blur together into an indistinct, unreadable mess.


There is at least some appeal. This is unironically the best thing you've ever done, Cris.

It took you 12 years to get here, 15-20% of your life expectancy.

Was it time well spent?

>> No.919339

when you give me millions for a high quality movie budget retard.

>> No.919355

orange top white booty shorts

>> No.919495

Any updates, Cris?

>> No.919526

Nah. It'll be another decade before he improves on this at all.

>> No.919540

reading some art books about photography and film to improve my skills.

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Jesús cristo que es eso cabron

>> No.919691

kek stop seething and just get good

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